Please don’t cry until Mamma has had her coffee, please.


What is taking so long, Mamma?

One of the hardest things for me to adjust to in parenting is my utter inability to be a “morning person”. It is just not encoded in my DNA. I am a heavy sleeper and it takes me a while to wake up and shake the cobwebs out of my brain. My solution to this personal failing is to ensure that I am up before my sweet Jpeezy, fully caffeinated and ready for my day. As this morning was no exception, I rolled out of bed at my usual 7:30 AM and I as walked down the hall to the stairs I heard my little man calling me through the door, “Hey you!”. Oh-no.

His being up before me is a rare thing and it typically means he has had trouble sleeping, which typically means he is in a grumpy mood. I peeked in slowly, prepared for the worst, and he was all smiles. Whew, crisis averted. I began to get him dressed, and as there was a cold snap last evening so I thought a snugly sweater was in order but he did not agree. He kept running around and flailing his arms rendering me incapable of getting the sweater on him. I settled for a long sleeved T-shirt. His allowance of the garment on his body leads me to believe he agrees with my choice.

Downstairs for breakfast. Still no coffee. Brain still full of sleepy fuzz.

“Need food! Need food!”, he cried, as though I was the most selfish mommy on the planet for prioritizing my caffeine addiction before his tummy. I put the coffee pot down and start rummaging through the refrigerator for Jp approved food products. Nothing simple…not a waffle, no cereal, no fruit tarts, no peanut butter. Aw, Jeez. I took the pan out of the cabinet and started the eggs all while staring longingly at my brand new Scoop coffee maker, still empty and sad.

Jp is now galloping around the kitchen chanting, “Need food!” like a mantra.

I suddenly realize that I do not have any cheese in the house. What was I thinking?! Jp will not eat the eggs without the cheese in them. Aw, cheez. I put the eggs away and pull out the Bisquick to make some pancakes. Jp goes up on the counter since he loves to help and bless his heart but I just couldn’t take the chanting anymore.

Ten glorious minutes later Jp was at the table in the living room watching cartoons (weekend tradition) with his breakfast. Finally, a moment of peace to get some blessed caffeine into my system, which at this point I desperately needed. As I scooped the grounds into the basket, Jp came in and asked for “wa-wa” (which means juice or milk but he universally calls all beverages water :)). Of course, silly me, how could I sit you down without your juice? I filled his cup and walked him back into the living room…just in time to see the dog finishing off his pancakes.

My brain exploded and subsequently started leaking out of my ears.

Jp is now eating crackers and juice for breakfast. I’m blogging and drinking my coffee. Next up a trip to the grocery store.

Some days you just can’t win for losing. 🙂



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