How the worst morning EVER turned into one of the BEST days of my life…


This morning a text from my husband awoken me from my blessed slumber. It glaringly read: Hey, your front right tire looks like it needs air. Make sure you stop and check it on the way to speech. Ugh, I hate messing with the tires. Everything else on a car I know my way around decently but tires are so vital for say, not spinning off into a railing or causing 6 car pile ups. Even airing them up terrifies me. Too much and boom! There goes your weekend plans, so to speak. Why didn’t he just take my truck since he is better at that? So at this point I am not even out of the bed yet and I am already in a terrible, grumpy mood. I get Jp ready for speech and manage to make it out of the door with just enough time to make it to a gas station and still be perfectly punctual, which is important to me (one of my Mom Crazies).

At the gas station I have to move my truck three times to accommodate the world’s shortest airing-up-the-tires-hose-thingy. I am going to lose my mind if I move this thing one more time! I immediately think this pump looks bootleg but I did not allot enough time for station hopping. I start airing up the tires. The pressure gauge doesn’t budge. I turn the machine on again and no movement in the gauge but the tire looks full. I think the machine is broken but I am running out of time to mess with it. On with my day.

Jp’s Pathologist is about 30 minutes away. I chose her for her outstanding reviews not her proximity which, at times, I wholeheartedly regret. All of the sudden at about a half mile away my truck starts to shake. It’s pulling to the right. We all know what that means. My tire is going flat! Let me just interject here that this is the most treacherous stretch of road EVER. There is nowhere to safely pull to the side, the shoulder is half the size of my truck and it is surrounded by cliffs. The speed limit is 75 and there is nothing even remotely resembling a walkway or sidewalk. It is basically a one way highway in between a mountain. It is also freezing outside. I know my northern friends are openly laughing at me for thinking that 27 degrees is freezing but it is practically the arctic for us Texans. ๐Ÿ™‚

At this point, I am about to cry. I cannot imagine anything scarier than walking the last half mile on this dangerous road with Jp’s fascination with cars (he cannot focus on anything when he is around moving vehicles, I actually had to find a park that was blocked off from the road so he would play on the equipment) in the cold and leaving my truck there to be plowed into by awful Austin drivers. I know the damage I can cause if I wreck the rim driving on it but in that moment I made the executive decision that rim replacement was better than the alternative. I slowly pulled into the parking lot safe and sound, inspected the rim (which looked fine, thank goodness), and called my husband. Did I mention my truck does NOT have a spare? Oh, this day! I wished I had just called and canceled when he said my tire was low but I was too excited to tell Miss Dana about all of Jp’s progress over the break. Now I was paying for wanting to brag.

During the session she seemed extraordinarily pleased with him. She mentioned several times that it was remarkable how much he had improved over the last three weeks since she had seen him. Come on, it’s not like you do all the work, Dana. Then came the most beautiful, fantastic, unbelievable words I have ever heard uttered aloud in my presence.

“I think he is caught up with his peers. He uses spontaneous 2 word sentences and verbs with versatility now. We call this a ‘word explosion’ and it seems he just got his a little later than most. His understanding of language is excellent, he is not showing ANY of the signs of rigidity he did when he first started, and I think he may be ready for the exit test. We want to re-evaluate him just to be certain that he is within the appropriate guidelines. It is the same test as his first evaluation and I feel confident he will have no problem with it at all”

It was like angels flew down from heaven and granted me one wish. It was everything I could do to not do cartwheels in her office. I have never in my entire life wanted to kiss another woman until that moment. My son was ready to graduate speech. I had resigned myself to years of therapy and here I was being told that would not only not be necessary but that THIS FRIDAY we would be taking the evaluation.

Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming.

Wait, no. Don’t wake me up if I am because this dream is the most wonderful one I have ever experienced. And after that news, I don’t think anyone has ever waited on a tow truck for an hour with that big of a smile on their face. Even Jp was uncharacteristically well-behaved.

I’d say overall this day was one big win!

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    • It was so utterly unexpected that was what made it so insanely exciting. It was as though it was a different therapist almost. I had no idea-not in a million years-that we would be anywhere near here any time soon.

      • I am truly happy for you both on this ๐Ÿ™‚ When I was reading about you waiting for the tow truck with that huge smile, I could already see it in my head. : ) It would be the same kind of smile I would be wearing in that situation too. Regardless of the rest of the day’s events ๐Ÿ™‚

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