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Good Morning Starshine! I am up super early, bright and ready for my day! This is coming from the woman that can’t function in the morning without coffee and at least 30 minutes of peace. That’s not to say I am not having the coffee, let’s not get crazy here, but this morning I bounced out of bed 90 miles an hour.

Today is Jpeezy’s speech evaluation.

I’m so nervous for him. It is such a big step for him to complete speech therapy. The biggest deal, really, for me. I have been trying to be mom and teacher for months and months, not letting a single activity go without turning it into a word game, talking until the sound of my own voice at night annoys me. I am just hoping that I prepared him enough for the test.

It seems for some strange reason that ALL of my close friends and people that I have play dates with, all have girls. No kidding. You know, the matures-faster-than-little-boys-with-developmental-delays-types. So to hear them speak to each other is daunting. The last event we went to my friend’s daughter asked him, “Hey Jp, wanna hang out? We can be friends if you want.”.

She is four months younger than him! Is that what two and a half year olds are supposed to sound like? While Jp’s improvement has been something wonderful and special considering all of the concern surrounding it, he still doesn’t sound anything like that! I mean, using a single verb unprompted has been cause for ice cream past 6 PM…is it going to be enough to pass the evaluation for a 30 month old? And if I’m honest, the only verbs he uses with nouns are need and want.

Okay, I just caught myself being neurotic and it’s time to stop! He is going to do great, his pathologist wouldn’t have recommended that we do this if he wasn’t ready, it isn’t as if I was pushing for it and she simply acquiesced. She is a trained professional and I am certain she knows her field better than “Google Mommy”. 🙂

Wish him luck ladies and cross your fingers for us!

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