No one told me we were playing Hide and Seek…


Yawn. This morning I wake up, groggy, stumble to bathroom and brush my teeth. I start down the hall to let the dogs out. While they bounce expectantly I look over to go peek in on Jp. Then I saw something I have never seen before. Something downright frightening in it’s implications. Jp’s bedroom door was open.

He was not inside.

PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! Where is he!? In that moment I am in full lose-my-mind-mode. I am moving things in his room, tossing toys around as though mayhaps he is hiding in a toy bin. No Jp. I ran full speed to check the front door. It was dead bolted in proper fashion. Back door was equally secure (these are things we learned to do without fail the day he cracked the code to the childproof door handles-but you never know, all it takes is one little forgetful moment…). My heart stopped beating with the same intensity. He was somewhere inside the house. THANK GOODNESS! I start checking each room, moving the blankets and throw pillows in the theater room, the pillows on the couch in the living room, under the table in the kitchen, the laundry room clothes basket. No Jp. Again, I am in a panic. Where could he be?!

Then it occurs to me. My mother-in-law lives with us (she is fulfilling her lifelong dream of being a singer in a Tejano Group so we actually bought her house and now she is free to travel endlessly with the band without the worry of keeping it up) and when she is home-which isn’t often-sometimes he likes to sneak to “Yaya” ‘s room and watch TV with her late at night since she is the only one that keeps his same odd hours. But when she is here she always lets him spend some time with her and then takes him back to his room. So I have never actually seen this happen, I only hear the stories the next day. He is a little sneaker. 🙂

I burst into her room at 90 miles an hour because if he is not here then I don’t know where else he could possibly be.

There is my sleeping beauty.

Curled up like a precious little angel, completely unaware of my panic and sheer terror of him not being where he was supposed to be. I couldn’t help but laugh for a minute. Then cry at what it could have been with one unlocked door. Then laugh again for crying when he was here the entire time, safe and sound. The whole time I was running around looking under couches he was in the most obvious place in the house besides his room. I’m losing points here for being the one in our family that is ‘cool under pressure’.

I just hope that next time he wants to play ‘Hide and Go Seek’ that he lets me know. That game, while a great way to spend a rainy afternoon trapped indoors, is only a good time if Mommy knows she is playing.

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