Ten signs that you’re a mom…


1) When reaching for your wallet in your purse to pay for an item you first pull out a tiny sock, a toy car, a pack of wipes, and maybe a half eaten cookie.

Ha ha, “How did that get in there?”, and when did I become the chick from the Breakfast Club?

2) During house cleaning, working out, doing laundry, ect. you find yourself singing the theme songs to your child’s favorite programming.

Umizoomi, umizoomi! We can measure, build it together. You can help us, you’re so clever..

3) You become equally excited about the newest Disney movie coming out as your kid. If not more so.

Mostly because so-help-me-lord if I watch the last one more time I am going to snap.

4) You choose YOUR clothes based on child functionality.

Case in point, I used to love, love, love high heels. The higher the better. Now the ones I own have dust on them and I haven’t bought a pair in years. Mostly because I can’t fathom chasing Jp in the mall-or anywhere for that matter-in them.

5) You have a backup peanut butter (or whatever your child’s favorite food is) in the pantry AT ALL TIMES.

Because that one time you ran out and…well…never again. 🙂

6) When you see a child throwing a tantrum in a store you purposefully look at the mom and smile at her.

‘Cause we have all been there, ladies, and you know how embarrassed and stressed out she is.

7) Your house-no matter the amount of time you spend cleaning-always looks like a Toys R Us blew up in it.

No. Matter. How. Much. Time. You. Spend. Cleaning.

8) You view a glass of wine, a bathroom trip alone, or a shower like a mini-vacation.

Now a trip to the grocery store alone sounds like a vacation and a vacation sounds like work.

9) You evaluate your attendance to social events on three things:

a) whether or not going actually is worth 60+ dollars in babysitting just to get out the door.

Am I really going to pay $60 to watch you sing bad karaoke all night? Even if it IS your birthday…

b) quantity of someone’s events that have previously been missed.

I have already missed your birthday, your housewarming party, and your engagement party. Missing the wedding would just be rude

c) if you are planning to bring the tots, it all depends on how many “breakables” they have at their house.

I have friends that collect glass figurines and love to have barbeques. I haven’t seen them in ages. After turning down a dozen invitations I finally just had to be honest and tell them that it was their house, not them.

10) As much as before you had children you couldn’t imagine having them, now you can’t imagine living WITHOUT them. I am not sure where I would be without my sweet boy but I know that every day wouldn’t be nearly as much of an adventure! The love you have for your children (despite the difficulties and the stresses of trying to raise them “right”) is such a pure and beautiful feeling that it is 150% worth every invitation turned down, every pair of heels left on the shelf, and your house looking like a tornado hit it day after day.

The minute when you realize that none of the things that mattered before you had children matter nearly as much now…you know you are a Mom. 🙂

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