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Over the weekend I have really been focusing on asking Jp questions and requesting things of him. Without using gestures. None at all.


Can you throw me the ball?

Put the cup on the table.

Do you want a cracker?

Where is lovey?

Do you want to go outside?

The conclusion I have come to after many, many trials is that my son does not answer questions. He doesn’t ask them and he doesn’t answer them. He also does not follow single directions, much less multiple step ones. He does not know prepositions. He says “in” but I am not sure that he knows what it means. When I ask him to “put the toy in my hand”, he responds by saying, “hand” and putting his hand in mine. This leads me to believe that while I was focusing so intensely on his expressive language I was unaware that he was just picking out the nouns in the questions and responding in the fashion that was most logical. Which is genius, I have to give him points for that, but now I am beginning to clearly see that there is an issue.

With his ability to read the gesture and know the noun he has been appropriately responding to requests. The minute I took them away intentionally…nothing. I was shocked. Though I am not sure why I am so surprised. If his receptive was incorrectly scored to begin with (interjecting here that the test at 24 months did things in a “Jp logical order”. ‘Stack the blocks’. She pulled out a box. ‘Put them IN the box”.) it is not as surprising that his expressive is delayed. It also makes my fear that he is repeating and memorizing a bit more valid. Why couldn’t I have been wrong on this one?

I am also completely and utterly stressed out now. I was comfortable teaching vocabulary and sentence structure. I have no idea how to teach him to understand the English language. This is a cognition issue. I am concerned with my ability to assist in his development for the first time in quite a while.

On a brighter note, I am wildly impressed with ability to memorize and build his vocabulary in such a significant way that until I intentionally removed the gestures I was unaware that there was any disconnect. Kudos, to my smart boy. That is something that you cannot teach!!

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