Green with Blog Envy


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As a person that is relatively new to the “Blogosphere” (did I just say that?) I must admit that while as much as I enjoy purging my inner thoughts and feelings into the world in my blog, I equally enjoy reading the musings of others. I was shocked at the sheer magnitude of the blogging community itself and the vast array of topics being discussed. Is it odd I was also slightly surprised at the amount of talented aspiring writers there are? Banging out these genius “think pieces” by the hundreds! While I sit here and ramble on day after day with typographical errors and grammar that would make every English Professor I was ever educated by weep with feelings of failure and inadequacy.

I have such blog envy! I read and read and read. Each blog better than the last. Even in parallel topics of interest I find myself comparing myself to the overt levels of capabilities in the writing on this site. Though I never in a million years considered myself much of a writer, per se, I always thought I carried the ability to express myself in a clear and intelligent manner…until I started my blog.

I am thoroughly green with blog envy. I wish I could be as eloquent and thought provoking as others and not sound as though I am writing the grown up version of a diary entry! I know that we all have our strengths and our weaknesses and that is what makes us special in this world but I cannot help but feel as though my blog is level one. Out of one hundred. 🙂

Do not even get me started on ‘Freshly Pressed’. That is just one utterly genius piece after another. Though I can imagine (or at least hope) that the vast majority of them are either already accomplished authors or at the very least, trained and educated aspiring writers, it still absolutely astounds me at the level of writing skill showcased here. I feel like the little girl who went out in the first round of the spelling bee all over again (that actually happened, I am living proof of why phonetics are no longer taught in schools and college students should not be able to subscribe to grammar correction sites). Everyone is so much smarter than me.

I just want to state that I am not cordially inviting you to my pity party, as much as it may seem that way, I am genuinely impressed with all of you, albeit a bit jealous. Though I do like to think that I could outscore many of those freshly-pressed-smarty-pants in any area of the scientific field of study. It is most likely a far cry from the actual truth but I think it is human nature to convince oneself that where you may lack, you can excel in other areas. Or perhaps that is just my undiagnosed megalomania :). I’ve always been more of an Organic Chemistry girl as opposed to a Lit one. But there aren’t many sites to showcase those abilities so I suppose you are just stuck with listening to me babble on day after day with glaring typos. And I am eternally grateful for everyone of you that actually does!



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