Out of the mouth of babes…about babes.


With communication being what it is in our family I haven’t had as many “Out of the mouth of babes” moments. So this one I must share since I absolutely cannot stop laughing about it.

Jp has just discovered his “pee-pee” (of which I am sure he will have a love affair with for his entire life, knowing men). He is fascinated with it. Every time I take his diaper off he gleams with unwavering pride and points to it, “Pee-pee!!”, he exclaims to any and everyone that will listen. What can I say? He’s a boy.

So today I was getting dressed after a shower and Jp walks in. He takes one look at my “girl parts” and looks horrified. Which shocks me for a second but I recover quickly and ask, “What’s wrong buddy?”.

He points and with great concern asks, “Are you O-kay??” (this is one of his his favorite phrases but I have never heard it asked with such grave worry).

Oh my goodness, what could I say? “Momma’s fine, baby, we are just different.”

He looked at me, then pointed to his diaper, then walks away, totally confused. I think with or without a language delay that conversation could not have gone more awry. 🙂

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  1. When my youngest was about the age of your little man he walked in on me and asked where my penis was. When I told him I didn’t have one he sadly assured me it was ok, he would get me a new one. I still chuckle over that!

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