Snips, snails, and puppy dog tails…


I have mentioned before that my friends all have little girls. More accurately..little princesses. The dirt hating, dress wearing, tea-party-and-doll-loving princesses that Jp cannot relate to when we have play dates. His interests are more geared toward running, yelling, screaming, rolling around, and chasing EVERYTHING. He’s a boy, they do boy things. Little girls are a whole different species as far as I am concerned.

Since we stay at home and recently some of my attempts to enroll him in social activities haven’t worked out (details to follow in another blog post when I have more time to rant) to our advantage I have been worried that he hasn’t been having enough interaction with other little ones. He needs to have the time to run and play and be around other kids and as much as I try, I am just no substitute for rough and tumble boy time. Though I should know by now that that world provides in strange and wonderful ways. Especially when one door closes…another will always open in its place.

Today I took Jp on a walk to burn off some of his trademark energy. He would spend all day outside if I let him. He loves nature. He loves everything that grows, everything that comes of the earth. My little woodsman.

As we were on the other side of my house I heard someone call my name. What the…? It was the neighbor from directly behind us. We have had many interactions, mainly attributed to the fact one of my dogs like to dig into her yard. She has two little boys (age 3 and 14 months) and has invited us over in the past when the kids were younger but as people we could not be more different so I always found an excuse to dodge invites. I’m sure after a few times that she just gave up. Without being rude let’s just say…we come from two different worlds. Though after this afternoon I have learned that all you need to have in common as a mom is raising crazy, loud little boys!

She was in the middle of having a play date with her friend and her little guy as well. All you could see was dust flying. Jp may not be able to speak at their level but the universal language of males is roughhousing. They were running around and chasing each other like crazy, wild animals. It warmed my heart in such a wonderful way to see my little angel playing with other children. At first I was trying to see how much actual interaction was going on (being entirely too analytical about his social skills, as usual) but then I just realized that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. He was playing, running, laughing. He was, in that moment, not being coerced to speak or being analyzed. There wasn’t a checklist next to him with someone marking off “responses to trials” or calling his name just to see if he would answer within an appropriate amount of time. These kids didn’t want anything from him and they figured out pretty quickly that he couldn’t speak as much as they could but they didn’t care. They just wanted to play with him.

It was in that moment that I just let go and watched him be a kid. It was a truly a pure and beautiful thing. One of those moments where you almost want to cry because you just feel so blessed to be a mother.






I wanted to post a million more pictures but all of them were too blurry because the boys were moving so fast!

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  1. GREAT post! It’s so easy to miss opportunities for our kids to just play because we’re so busy trying to get them to play. (Does that make sense?) Thanks for the reminder.


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