Perea Road Trip!

Today was a little impromptu road trip to San Antonio to look at/buy a car. My husband was in the works to buy his very first Camaro when {surprise!} we were pregnant with my son. Needless to say, that dream was pushed to the back burner with a quickness. The necessities of the many outweigh the few once you have a family!

Though that dream has been something that hasn’t been forgotten and we recently finally saved up enough to buy a nice older model. Which brings us to our little venture today. It was Jp’s first trip out of town (yes, we are the home body type, poor child).

It started something like this:


Ended up with more of this:


And then some long trip induced boredom that brought about this:


And this…


And we aren’t even there yet…I hope this trip was worth it because I left my house a mess (days like this I wish I had a maid..or money for a maid for that matter) and canceled therapy! 😉



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