Parents of kids that are inconsistant sleepers…lemme help you out with some of those night time worries!

So I know that many, many, MANY of my blogging community has sleep issues with their children. They won’t go down, they won’t stay down. They wander out of their rooms and get into god knows what and I, personally, used to worry constantly about it. Worry that he would fall down the stairs because it was so dark, that he would injure himself and I wouldn’t be able to hear him since I could only hear his room from the monitor. I would get up and check on him 2-3 times in the night. He is also at an age where he will get up earlier than me and won’t necessarily come and get me right away and I stressed about what would happen. You can deadbolt the front and back doors and that blocks access to outside but there is no telling what they can get into inside of the home (no matter how much you put away there is always something for them to get into, right?). I know I stayed up well into the night on a multitude of occasions solely because I didn’t feel safe until he was asleep.

You can’t bolt the windows. You can’t lock or block them in their rooms. Can you say fire hazard? I know parents that don’t have these issues think I am crazy for even mentioning it but parents like myself that are living with this incredibly founded fear that something terrible could happen while you are sleeping know that the thought, while terrible, has crossed your mind at least once.

I have come across these little beauties and thought I should share:


These are magnetic door and window alarms. When used with a baby monitor it becomes the best way (sometimes the only way)  to get a good night’s sleep. They are genius. You can put them on the door-and windows-so that they only sound when the door has been opened. It has two different sounds. It makes a non-threatening sound similar to the bell that goes off when you walk into a store. That is the one I use on Jp’s door. If he hits or kicks the door (time outs or trying to get him down at night) then it won’t go off. But at 3 AM when he decides to come downstairs for juice and break all of the eggs in the fridge…ta-da! I know before he even hits the stairs (I use the baby monitor outside of the door so you can hear it in your room if your rooms are more than a few feet away).

The second alert is a loud siren that is continuous that we use on the front door and his bedroom window. You can hear these all over the house and it is unmistakeable. Think: DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! CHILD ESCAPING! 🙂

They can be turned on and off so during the day when he is running in and out of the room it is not an issue and right after I put him down I flip them on. They have worked like a charm for us. I can finally sleep with the peace of mind that he is secure…and I am not a terrible Flowers in the Attic mother who locks her child away. Or stays up listening for every bump all night long.

Here is one link for them but we found ours at the local Walmart:

Life is so much better with a good night’s sleep!

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