Dogs say Meow and ain’t nobody tellin’ me different, Dad!

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So last night was one of those precious times that I am able to enjoy witnessing Father and Son bonding time while I was in and out, working on dinner. From in the kitchen, I heard the beginnings of a pretty funny conversation and my ears perked up to pay better attention.

Here’s a run down of Speech Therapy with Dad:

*Jp holding small puppy toy that barks and wags its tail*

Jp: Me-ow. Me-ow.

Dad: No buddy, puppies go, “Woof woof”

Jp: *holding up toy* Me-ow. Me-ow.

Dad: No, no, no. Puppies go, “woof woof”

Jp: Woof woof.

Dad: That’s right buddy, you’re so smart! Amber! Come here!

*I come out from hiding, pretending I haven’t heard any of it.*

Dad: Now Jp, what do puppies say?

Jp: *proudly holds up toy puppy* ME-OW!

Dad: Ok, you win buddy. Puppy says, “me-ow”.

That’s the don’t give up spirit, Chris! 😉

I’m going to have spend all day now working on that one. Just so that when he can do it, my husband can say, “I taught him that! We were working on it last night.”


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    • Don’t I know it! What’s funny is the rigidity. Once he thinks something “is” it takes forever to undo! If we can at all. I have been trying all day to get him to say puppies say woof and everytime it’s just “meow”! 🙂

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