One small step for toddlers…one GIANT leap for Jp kind


So there we are. Walking up to the scene of the horror movie that was yesterday. The dun-dun-duuuuun…grocery store. While some may think; crazy, I like to think…getting right back in that saddle. As soon as we got out of the car Jp begins right away with not wanting to hold my hand in the parking lot. Ah, toddler independence rears it’s ugly head.

I pick him up. This is a solo trip. There is no give, no one to do the shopping if things get hairy. I have to stay strong and consistent. Jp looks at me, pouting, and says, “Want get down”. I reply, “No way, buddy, you’re not holding hands and that is….”, I stop, take a deep breath and take in what just happened.

Jp just used his first completely organic, self formed sentence.

Wha?????? I couldn’t believe it. I shook my head a little, just to see if I was dreaming. Did I just hear correctly? “Want get down.”, he whined, sticking his lip out in that way that only a toddler can and it still be the most adorable thing you have ever seen.

I almost started dancing right there in the parking lot.

He repeats words and he memorizes phrases. I absolutely never ask him if he wants to get down. If I am carrying his heavy behind it is probably for an extraordinarily good reason. I’m in my thirties, for crying out loud, my back kills after a day of holding him more often than I am not. So, no, I never –ever– ask him if he wants to get down. This one is not a repeat and he certainly did not memorize it. He actually formed his first original sentence all by himself.

I hugged him until he pushed me off.

From there we trucked all over the parking lot to find his “favorite” car cart (the red one with flames that looks like Lightening McQueen) and then straight to the toy aisle for a brand new ball. Needless to say, this store trip was the highlight of my day instead of the low point. Maybe even the highlight of my whole week.

What has two thumbs and finally feels like all of the hard word is starting to pay off? This mamma!



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    • Thank you so much! It was one of those moments as a parent where you just want to weep. It is has been such a struggle that I almost couldn’t believe that it happened. Here is to many more! *Cheers*

  1. YAY JP!!!! Amber – I often struggle with what to do if Noah uses his words for something I DON’T want to get him. I want him to always, always, always be rewarded for using his words (unless it’s for calling his brother “bad”) to encourage him about what happens when he uses his words, but sometimes doing that conflicts with something else I’m trying to do behaviorally. For example, what if he signs or says I want milk please right before bedtime and I’m trying to get him to stay dry through the night. So for now mostly I go ahead and give him what he wants or at least compromise with him, like, say, “Well, you’re not supposed to have milk right before bedtime, but since you asked so nicely I’ll give you half a cup.” So, all to say, did you let him down because he used his words, or did you stick to your guns about holding him.

    Another thing about your post about the nightmare grocery store trip – don’t be so hard on yourself. There is value in keeping the rules and routines completely the same whether Daddy is around or not. I really think that is a good idea. It will make it that much harder for you if JP knows that if Daddy was around he could get what he wanted but you won’t let him. I know it’s hard to get daddy on board sometimes, and if you can’t, you’ve gotta do the next right thing and be happy about it (or not), but it’s worth a shot. If hubby knows what a nightmare shopping trips can be for you and JP, he might be willing to look at the big picture.

    Sorry for the un-asked for advice, you mentioned you were 30, so that makes me old enough to be your bossy older sister.


    • I almost always give him what he asks for if the phrase or request is new. If he just says “cookies” at 9 PM then I have to say no. He says cookies all of the time so it is something that I take into consideration. If he asked me for ice cream (which he has never said) I would probably give in no matter what time it was. Or a full sentence, “I want a cookie”. He’d be eating them for breakfast for all I care! 🙂 I’m a big “rewarder” in general as a parent so that isn’t too much of a stretch for me.

      As for the routines and schedules, Chris acquiesces to me 99.9% of the time. I am mom and teacher so he understands and usually looks to me before any decisions are made. It’s only on this one that I agree. I go through so many tantrums in public and while I may be used to it, they are hard. In the instance I wouldn’t have to deal with it, why would I? The key, though, is now he knows that if he takes him out of the cart than he is the one to deal with the fallout if it happens. But truthfully, he never gives Dad as much of a hard time as he gives me. Dads have it so easy. 😉

      Bossy older sister, huh? That’s good because I am an only child and my mom passed away so I don’t have anyone else to boss me around anymore! 🙂

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