This magic moment, so different and so new, wasn’t like any other…until I had you!


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Last night was a moment as a parent that you have to take pause and appreciate the small victories that make up winning a battle. It may not be the war…but every battle won is an amazing step in the right direction.

Do you remember the time your child met a milestone? Walked, talked, or crawled?

You were overwhelmed with immense sense of gratification and pride that this tiny little person that is solely under your care is flourishing. They are learning and absorbing the things that you are teaching them. You feel as though what you are doing as a parent is working, that you are succeeding in your ventures as their mother. You are proud of them as much as you are proud of yourself for creating this perfect being that is growing up so quickly to be a miniature version of an adult.

When your child has developmental delays you falter at times. You may feel that things are your fault in the beginning, that you just have to work harder and everything will be as it should. Though when you take a step back and realize that you aren’t accountable and stop making it about you, you can truly and finally take a step back and just enjoy each tiny victory, every mini-milestone, every baby step in the right direction. It takes parenting to a whole different level. Instead of expecting, you learn to rejoice. To not take anything for granted in your child.

We have had a big week.

I shared with you wonderful people about Jp’s first organic sentence only a few short days ago. It was enough to keep me on a “Mommy High” for weeks in and of itself. Then my little guy went and shocked me again last night. Never underestimate my Jpeezy. He’s got fire in his spirit. After a lovely evening out for my anniversary, I came home to a very wired up little boy. He was bouncing off the walls and hanging from the chandeliers (just kidding on that one, I have a few light fixtures but nothing that would qualify as a chandelier). I was trying to physically catch him to have a talk with him out the crazy behavior but he was too fast. Finally, I just stopped and asked him, “Hey buddy, do you want to go night-night?”. He stopped, looked thoughtful, and said, “No.” Did he just answer a question? “Well then, you better get off that table.”

He got off of the table.

That happened twice. With two different commands. The first was the table and the second was to put something down. Both times he informed me that, no, he didn’t want to go night-night and then followed the next instruction without me having to repeat or rephrase. Did you hear me?

Answered a question and followed direct instructions….twice.

This is pretty much the Holy Grail of awesomeness in my house. He has never answered a solely verbal question before. If you ask him if wants waffles he won’t answer. Show him the box and he may say no or jump up and down, which means yes. But never -ever- has he answered a question without cues or gestures. He doesn’t understand cause and effect like, “If you don’t get down you have to go to bed”. He has trouble with instructions that involve more than a single action verb (jump, dance, shake, ect).

He did all of those things last night. Twice.

I am undeniably excited for him. He is, at this point, improving. I know that the seriousness of a receptive language impairment will affect his life for a very long time, probably his whole life. But now I also know that he is improving. I kept it simple, in his language wheelhouse and he was able to absorb and understand what I was saying and follow the instructions as he was asked.

This is a big day for my Jpeezy. The second in one week. I couldn’t be more of a proud mommy right now. He might as well be my little Bobby Fisher now. Sometimes with our children we have to adjust “the bar”. Not lower it, of course, but adjust it to their world, not ours. My son may not be an actual prodigy but he is the Bobby Fisher of developmental delays.

And that is more than good enough for me.


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