And the mother of the year award goes to…*drumroll*…not me.


Tonight, after the day from h-e-double-hockey-sticks, I decided I was not partaking of any of my usual parenting “battles”:

I let my child eat a hamburger bun and pork and beans (his absolute favorite things) for dinner. I didn’t even offend his plate with the typically upsetting vegetables because so-help-me-lord I just couldn’t take the crying.

No bath since hair washing or water at all near his eyes has become nothing short of evil Mamma torture.

Instead of the usual bedtime drama I let him knock out in a baby swing watching a movie.

I hear that consistency is key in raising children. Tonight I am choosing to ignore that philosophy. Every other day I strive for parenting perfection. But tonight I will gladly pass that award onto someone more deserving…’cause this Mom is having a glass of wine (or maybe two or three) and not fighting or stressing about anything.


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I'm just living minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

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  1. Consistency is important, but so is your sanity. Some days, you have to just do what works, and not worry about the rules you have set for yourself. There is no such thing as parenting perfection, just perfect intention!
    Enjoy a glass of wine for me!

    • Thanks! I love that..perfect intention! Such a perfectly put statement. I do my best to do what is “right” for my son everyday and I have hopes that one day all of the work will pay off and he will look at me and say, “thank you”. You know, in say…20 years. 😉

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