Jp loves me when I give him cookies…

If you take heed to the older “tell-tale signs” of a man in love then my toddler is in love. By “signs” I mean the old adage that if you truly love someone then they will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning and the last thing in your head when you drift off to sleep at night. By these standards, being of an overactive analytical mind, I have never been in love. So, I am not arguing the validity of the original statement, simply stating that in a world where this ideal was a fact that my toddler is, and probably will be for some years, totally and head over heels in love.

With cookies.

As I am tucking him in bed at night, warm in his adorable toddler pajamas and clutching his Angry Bird pillow, he demurs, “Cookies?”. The moment we walk in the front door from errands or walks he immediately breaks into a full run all of the way to the pantry and asks, “Cookies?”. He comes down the stairs in the morning with the light of dawn barely peeking through the drapes, hair a mess, with the dreams of little boys still dancing in his head. Before he even greets me, his first request is always for his favorite delectable treat.

He may never love anything as much as he loves cookies.

I cannot hold a candle. Mom makes him take time-outs when he is misbehaving. Dad, at times, may not want to play. Puppies grow bored with his games and take solace in hiding under the bed and out of his tiny arm’s reach. But cookies never ask him to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. Cookies never make him take a bath with tears steaming because he doesn’t like to have his hair washed. Cookies never make him go to bed even though he isn’t tired. Cookies never make him come inside and wash his hands because he was playing with bugs. It is something that he has in his life that isn’t forcing him to do or be anything that doesn’t make sense to him.

Is it strange that I hope all of his great loves are as pure and as simple as this one? That I hope that he never knows the pain of a love that doesn’t return his affections? That he never know the agony of being left? His love -while at times frustrating and ridiculous- is something that brings me great joy. Something that makes me see the man that he will become. It is so odd to look at this innocent child, full of quirks and tears and joy, and think that one day he will be a man. That he will fall in love for real and that something that is not cookies, may inevitably break his heart.

For the time being, I am glad it is just cookies. There is something wonderful in the innocence of children and their interests. Even if it does have processed sugar in every single bite. Being a child and living in an uncomplicated world only happens once. There will be plenty of time later for school and girls and rules. Right now it’s just the pure bliss of loving and desiring a baked good. And, in turn, a ton of teeth brushing. 🙂

What could be better than that?

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