Ten (more) signs that you’re a Mom…


Won’t we all, kid?

I wrote a blog post about a month ago highlighting the funny quirks of being a parent. Aptly named, Ten signs that you’re a Mom. This is part 2 of..well, as entertaining as parenting can be at times, there is no end in sight for this series.

And on with the show!

1) Even when you are alone out in the world, every time you hear a kid scream you immediately go into panic mode.

Where is he? Where did he go? What did he get into? Oh…he’s not here, that’s right. Keep it moving.

2) You find yourself vetoing toy purchases based on your personal mental sanity.

Oh, it has 17 different noises and no volume control? Put it back. Seriously. Quick, before he sees it!

3) When shopping for clothes for yourself (only), you end up walking out of the store with three or four things for your kids, a gift for your husband, and a pair of socks for you.

I have plenty of clothes. How many pairs of yoga pants does a gal really need anyway? I’ll go for me some other time…this sale on toddler clothes won’t last forever.

4) Your phone, TV, computers, and anything else electronic and expensive is almost constantly covered in peanut butter (or some other unidentified sticky substance).

What is that in the movie? Is that a ghost? Oh, wait, it’s just gobbed up peanut butter on the screen again. I’ll go get a wipe.

(What, only at my house? ;))

5) When your child comes wandering out of a room with a fruit snack that you don’t remember giving them -or have even had in the house in a week- you let them have it as opposed to hearing the screaming tantrum that will accompany trying to take it away.

I mean, it’s not like they go bad or anything….right? Right…?

6) You are way more excited about every holiday that comes up than your kids are.

Are you excited about Easter?! What do you mean no? But the Easter bunny is going to come and bring you presents and….hey, why are you walking away from me?

7) Every time you clean out the toy bin(s) you find 15 things that you have been looking for for months.

I had these keys remade! My favorite necklace! How did he manage to get this shoe out of my closet?

8) You are full of “Wait until…” cautions for other parents with younger children.

Oh, you think that’s bad? Wait until they actually learn to flush the toilet.

9) When you sit down to color with your kids, you find yourself coloring alone while they are playing with a toy ten minutes later.

Look at my picture, honey, it’s so pretty! Oh…Jp’s? Um…it’s the one with four scribble lines over there on the table.

10) After bedtime, you find yourself tiptoeing around the house like a rabid bear is sleeping and not an adorable toddler.

Ssssssh! Be quiet! You’ll wake them and then we are really in for it! Seriously, turn the TV down, dim the lights, and go put on some socks.

More to come as there is never a dull (or unfunny) day as a Mom! 😉



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