The upside down book solution and why Jp is smarter than me…


A week or so ago (I’ve been too busy whining to share the cute stuff lately…I’ve got to work on that!) Jp absolutely blew my mind with an adorable feat of cognition and intelligence in problem solving skills. Let me begin by saying that his first true love is shapes, I mean, the child knows what a pentagon is for goodness sakes (thank you,Team Umizoomi for the mighty math powers!). Though his second and almost equally favorite love is numbers. He counts any and everything available all day long. Apparently, while he is my husband’s twin, he is going to take after me in the heavily left brained department. Although the sequence is a bit broken up…


…it is still as cute as a button nonetheless. While sitting down to identify pictures in one of his favorite number books, he looks down at the number 6 and proudly exclaims, “9!” (Can you have a favorite number? Because if so, 9 is my son’s). I smile and tell him, “No buddy, that’s a 6. It looks like a 9 only it’s upside down.”

Jp frowns, looks at the book, then back at me.

“9?”. He’s still a bit lost so I try to elaborate further.

“No, it’s a six. The numbers go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, *big gesture* 6, 7, 8, *bigger gesture* 9! Do you understand, buddy?”

He looks at me, frowns, then back at the picture. I can see the wheels turning and I think that maybe what I am saying is sinking in. Then he lights up like the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. He takes the book from me and turns it upside down. He points to the now upside down 6 and proclaims with certainty, “9!”.

Well, who can argue with that logic? Well played, Jpeezy, well played. 😉

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  1. Yay!!!!! He totally gets the concept, totally. YAY JP!!!! (Yay mom goes without saying.) I wonder if a wooden number puzzle where the pieces are inset would nail down the concept. Then again, if the book works . . .


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