Update: Jp has a viral infection and I am a chronic over reactor.


Today I was in the dentist. I was literally on the verge of tears. Meryl Streep ain’t got nothin’ on this Mamma when it comes to bringing the drama apparently. It’s not that I intentionally create or thrive in drama, I just beat myself up sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean a lot. I am a classic megalomaniac. I have literally wept at every personal failure since grade school. It’s a character flaw.

So today as the dentist was explaining to me that the lump most likely was swollen glands, and they had to do follow up X-rays to be certain, but most likely he has a common viral infection that is highly contagious and was probably contracted by touching an item that was contaminated by another child, I was thrilled although I felt terrible that I couldn’t do anything more than make him comfortable and I wasn’t sure which emotion to latch onto for just a moment. It’s not my fault! Hooray! Wait, he’s still sick, stop celebrating!

Wait a second, hold on there, doc…so you’re telling me that the failings I have as a parent aren’t the cause? It’s the things that I am doing right (the socialization and the therapies)? Well, color me silly.

So a prescription to swish with, referral to an orthodontist (to just double check and confirm the diagnosis), and the advice of giving him plenty of ice cream (yes, from a dentist, my mind was blown, too) we were on our way.

Just call me Chicken Little.

Side noting that I want to send a special thank you to the wonderful women that took the time to give me advice and comfort (and Cookie even threw herself under the bus with me) at a time when I was truly feeling low. It meant the world (and then some) to read your comments and to feel the sense of community that I love so much about blogging! Thank you, again, y’all are the best!

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Future post coming about my hatred of Pharmacies and their practices…so stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Glad to hear all is okay, sort of! At least you can stop blaming yourself (for now – guilt is just a part of parenting, no matter how well you are doing it). Nothing wrong with overreacting either. When my son was ill last week I was googling his symptoms (never a good idea) and was convinced he had meningitis and was so mad because the doctor had just sent us home saying he would be fine. Turns out, the very next morning, he was fine. Lesson learned – trust doctor, not google, (until next time).

    • I love the “for now”! It’s inevitable I will feel that way again…though maybe I won’t jump off of the deep end so quickly this time. Maaaaaybe. 😉 I have so had that Google moment, too! Usually Google calms me because the symptoms I check end up being quite benign but one when he was little he had a rash and some pain in his “boy parts” and when I took to Google, it said,

      “This could be a rash or in some cases, the testes could have become untangled and you would only have 6 hours to save the testes as it cannot thrive without oxygen.”

      Shut the front door! One ball?! We were at the pediatrician with us both still in our pajamas. When the ped said that it was fine and there was nothing to worry about I literally said, “That’s good but I wasn’t taking any chances with his huevos.”.

      Yep, that happened. Bask in the crazy and feel better about yourself… 😉

      • I’ll tell you my insane overreaction story to make you feel even better. First child, must have been 18 months or so at the time, fell over and cut his lip. There was blood (I admit now, not much blood). But at the time, I called his dad at work, told him to get home immediately because there was “blood everywhere”. Ten minutes later, he runs through the door and I say, “he’s okay, the bleeding stopped right after I called you”.

  2. Gah! I’m the exact same way!! I put off my daughter’s dentist appointment in December and when we finally went, she had an abscess on her front teeth so they needed to be extracted, and about 6 of her teeth had cavities so bad she needed caps! I was mortified!!! I monitor teeth brushing daily, she hardly ever eats candy/sweets, and more often than not she chooses water to drink instead of juice. Still, I felt like the worst mom ever. Also felt like i was putting my SN child first over my older “typical” child since I didn’t have to worry about her. Ugh the mommy guilt was endless! Dentist said sometimes bad teeth are just genetic and it didn’t necessarily mean mom was neglectful. *whew* Nevertheless, I will be keeping a closer eye on teeth! Don’t blame yourself, it definitely happens to the best of us.

    • Ah, thank you so much! I truly appreciate you telling me your story. I felt like the worst mother on the planet! It’s so hard not to blame ourselves as mothers, isn’t it. They are just so reliant on us for everything that if anything that is my responsibility goes awry I just panic.

      And if you’re doing everything right and still have issues than I certainly need to keep a better eye on it. I do everything wrong in the dental world! (I have my reasons but still…) It is definitely need stay on top of! Thank you for sharing, I love learning from fellow moms so much! 🙂

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