Yo, I love you…but now that you feel better, you have got to stop acting like that…

Have you ever seen a movie where people are trapped in a cave and dealing with some fantastical ordeal for an extended period of time and the very moment that they peek their heads out into the sun they shield their eyes as though they have never seen anything so bright and beautiful in all of their days? That was me peering out from the depths of toddler illness this morning.

Jp woke up with a smile on his face.

Is it really you, kid? I forgot what your face actually looked like not contorted in pain and agony. I forgot what your laughter sounded like. Like the sweet tinkling of bells in the fresh snow (okay, I’m reaching here…I’ve lived in Florida and Texas so my knowledge of snow is extremely limited to vacations only). I literally forgot what he was like when he wasn’t sick. He’s funny and cute and…whoa, whoa, whoa! Why did you just smack your cup from the table?

Oh, yeah. Because that’s how you’ve been acting all week.

No, no, no buddy, now that you feel better that business isn’t going to fly. His first time-out of “wellness” came about an hour after he woke up. His face was a classic moment in my parenting history. It said, “What just happened? I didn’t get in trouble for that yesterday, Mom, what the heck?!”

Ah, the joys that are going to come from trying to reinforce all of the behaviors I had worked SO HARD to put into place for months upon months. I see my future…and it’s going to be a long few days of getting back to all of the old rules that I threw aside in the trenches. Though trust me, I’m not complaining, my baby finally feels better. That is more than enough to make me a happy Mamma again.

That being said…seriously, dude? Did you just hit me because the toaster pancakes aren’t cooking fast enough?

Who wants a time-out? Stop looking at me like that…it’s so hard to keep a straight face for discipline when you have that look on your face and I’m already in too good of a mood to be serious anyways.

Okay, alright…maybe just one more day before I start my parenting battles again…today lets crank the Reggae up and sing some songs and dance.

I’ve really missed you, Jpeezy!


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    • I know! How can you get mad at them? They feel better and you were so scared and worried that for days you just let everything slide and now they are acting like a little terror! It’s going to take me a month to get back to normal…just in time for the summer cold season! 😉

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