I’m so narcissistic I can’t even just talk about myself on my own blog anymore…


Sometimes I wonder where I find the time in my busy days to keep my blog up at all. Though I make it. As you read in the previous entry, it is one of the main factors that has helped me process and accept some of my son’s issues and I believe it helps to make me a better and more patient parent. Also, for purely selfish reasons, I am just starting to truly enjoy it.

And if I’m going to blog, by dangit, I’m going to be the best blogger I can be (megalomania rears it’s ugly head once again)!

So, when I saw a call for guest bloggers on Life with an Autistic Son‘s blog, I thought to myself, “Why not?”. It was an anniversary of his son’s diagnosis and he wanted to to know how being a parent of Autism or Special Needs has changed you.

Has this journey, as some of you have witnessed from nearly the beginning, changed me? In more ways than I was able to express. I have seen such a transformation in myself as an individual that even I have to take a step back and take a second look into the mirror. I genuinely like who I see now and even with the inevitable bouts of self doubt, I think this experience has made me a stronger and a better person as well as a mother.

So even though I thought that someone with a “Featured on Freshly Pressed” tag would have much better entries from significantly more talented writers, I thought that nothing ventured would ever be gained and what could it hurt to try? Today my guest spot was posted.

The very first day he began the series.

I was elated to be featured and felt that the personal triumph just wasn’t the same unless I shared it with all of you. I considered reblogging but that just felt too vain and egotistical (my first reblog simply could not be my own work…it just seemed so wrong somehow). So instead I will just offer the link to view it if you so choose.


Also, please write one of your own! I know so many of you have wonderful experiences and stories to share and he will be doing a whole series titled, “Changes”.

His email is bsdad@hotmail.co.uk to submit an entry for this project.

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