Dear gray shirt that I have been saving for a special occasion,


When I bought you I thought you were just a plain t-shirt that didn’t warrant a big “to-do”. But when I bought the super cute and [Austin] fashion forward vest, I knew you were it’s match made in Heaven. So I saved you. Well, I did wear you once but that didn’t count. Please forgive me!

Since I don’t go out (ever) I knew when we planned a trip downtown exactly what I would be wearing weeks upon weeks in advance. I only had eyes for you. Tomorrow is the big day and as I am laying out my clothes, I realized that you weren’t in your place. Where are you? Where could you be?

An hour and a half of searching later and you are still nowhere to be found. What did I do? Where did I go wrong? Why would you leave me in the hour that I needed you most? Did you fall behind something and are screaming for help but I can’t hear you?

Don’t you want to go to SXSW? We can airily act cooler than the hipsters that are acting cooler than us together. We can catch a band or two. There might even be some cocktails involved. Tempted?

Please just stop this madness and come home, gray shirt!

With love and desperation,

Your Careless Owner



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  1. First of all, does it make me extremely uncool that I don’t know what SXSW is? Is it a local thing? I’ve seen it a couple of different places now, so I’m worried that I’m out of touch with cool completely now. And secondly, yes, it’s always the husband’s fault. He either 1. wore it with your lipstick because many of us have fetishes we’re not proud of, 2. used it to clean lube from a bike chain or other manly garage project, or 3. threw it out because you hadn’t worn it since you bought it and we need space in the closet for our Dallas Cowboy jerseys.

    • Not uncool…but it’s pretty huge. It’s Austin’s biggest claim to fame as “The live music capital of the world”. 🙂

      And I could maybe..maybe…blame my husband if he ever touched a piece of laundry other than to wear it. lol

      Are you trying to tell us about your fetishes, Don? 😉

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