Jp for President! Who’s comin’ with me?!


I just received a new article on my Preemie Mom mailing list and the weight of it threw me for a loop. Some of it I already knew and some of it I just plain feared. Maybe it’s just my left-brained nature, but I am often comforted by facts and statistics. It’s just the way I am wired. This particular piece was a study done over the last 23 years monitoring the after effects of prematurity. 23 years! Here were some key findings:

  • Pre-term infants with no medical conditions have more learning disabilities, struggles with mathematics and need more school services than full-term babies. One of Sullivan’s studies determined that at least one-third of babies born pre-term needed school services at some point during their education. Out of that group, 22 percent of the healthy pre-term babies received school services. Almost one quarter of this group had an Individualized Education Plan (special education plan governed by federal and state law), with 15 percent receiving resources, 7 percent in self-contained classroom settings, and 11 percent receiving speech and language services.
  • Some children of pre-term birth are less coordinated, which may be related to brain development and effects of neonatal intensive care.
  • They have fewer friends and boys have more difficulty in school.

Heavy heart? Nah, here was the beautiful silver lining to the study:

  • Children who were born pre-term have a persistent drive to succeed.
  • Children whose mothers provided a nurturing environment and who were strong advocates for them in school performed better academically, socially and physically. These are called protective factors and they work to counter the effects of pre-term birth.

“These findings are important for parents, nurses in the neo-natal intensive care units, teachers and staff in the schools, disability services offices in colleges and primary care providers,” Sullivan said. “By identifying the issues pre-term babies face in childhood, adolescence and through adulthood, we can all be better prepared to take steps to mitigate their effects.”

Mothers whom are strong advocates and nurturing have better results? Well, then just look for Jp in the White House in 20 years. 😉

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  1. I wonder how many preemie kids are born to moms who didn’t stop smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc. Those are the sorts of people who probably weren’t that interested in being a parent in the first place and provide a less than ideal environment for their kids. My guess is that they’d have similar bad results with kids who were born after a full term pregnancy.

    I’m just throwing my initial thoughts out, there’s nothing behind what I’m saying other than that. Now, back to writing about vomit and boobs on my own blog!!

  2. I’ll go with ya! Although, I wouldn’t wish the presidency on anyone. Glad you’re writing. I don’t think you’ve been showing up on my reader for some strange reason, and I REALLY needed a JP fix. Huh. Just looked up and see that the follow button wasn’t clicked. Too weird. I WAS following you. Oh well, I’m following you again.


    P.S. Yeah, I have trouble picturing JP a crack baby. You funny.

  3. We could make this into “chinese whispers”. I could now go on to my blog and write about a fellow blogger and her crack baby!. JP will do very well I am sure of that.

  4. Well I was thinking why wait as he would be an improvement on any likely candidate for the next race but I gather he needs to be 35. I don’t really consider any of the seemingly more likely outcomes for preterm to be too horrifying. I had speech therapy. I hated it but I survived it. They thought I was mentally retarded – they thought wrong but individualized education services are inevitable if they go from thinking you are too delayed to educate to thinking you are beyond their ability to educate.

    My parents advocated for me all of once – by rejecting the notion I was probably ineducable and should be put somewhere and they could try again, which in the sum total of times they could have isn’t impressive but it was the key one. JP has you already coming out roaring for him and you still have to “come out” about him. People are not beating a path to your door to urge you to give up on him. I don’t actually think he will be President of the US not because I doubt his ability to be more capable than most of the Presidents in my lifetime but because that postion has moved towards being increasingly wealth dependent (you can plot the individual wealth of your presidents on a 44 year graph or longer if you like graphs) so maybe if he wants to be President you will have a little revolution to lead first. I would put money on your being willing to lead it when he has reached the age of canidacy. Of course when you have overthrown the increasingly plutocratic and oligarchic forces down there (and too many other places) I suppose changing the age of candidacy will be child’s play.

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