The birth of the “Freestyle Friday”-Random acts of awesomeness…


Today I am going to begin a brand new Friday tradition. I shall call it “Freestyle Fridays”. While I attempt to keep my blog cohesive and focused as a humorous parenting blog, I am a person and a woman who has interests and ideas outside of being a Mom and a Wife. Friday is going to be my day. It can and will be about anything that I so choose as long as it doesn’t pertain to my husband or son in a direct fashion. Day one begins…

Random acts of awesomeness…

I read all of these posts and inspirational stories on Facebook. Real tearjerker pieces about random acts of kindness from strangers. While they are heartwarming in nature, if you read down in the comment section, there are always people that question their authenticity. People are becoming cynics by nature now and the number of “likes” is the new breast implants…a sure fire self esteem booster. So while I can’t really say where I stand either way, I do enjoy them in theory.

Today I was random act of kindness-ed. It was nothing short of sheer awesome.

I was playing with Jp in the car of the Wendy’s drive-thru to get him his “treat” for having a good day in therapy which is always french fries for my little carb lover (hey, I never said I wasn’t going to mention them on Fridays). When I got to the window I was told that the woman ahead of me had paid for all of my food.


She assured me that it was paid for as she handed me my purchases. She conveyed that the woman had covered the costs with the message to, “Just keep being a good Mom”. I couldn’t help but be utterly surprised and overwhelmed at the fact that a total stranger would even think to pay for something for me, having never met me or hardly having seen me, and would be so kind as to purchase something for a complete and total stranger.

I had less than ten dollars worth of food but the act itself was worth so much more. How wonderful that there are still people like this out there that are so kind and so giving that they even think in this manner. When you turn on the news, you are barraged with horrifying images and tales of abuse, neglect, rape, and murder. What you don’t hear about is the selfless souls that are so good that they can’t even buy lunch for themselves without thinking about someone else.

Take that in.

There are terrible people in this world, granted. But there are also people that are so warm and so pure that they can’t even buy a hamburger without validating another person’s efforts and make their day with something as simple as purchasing a meal for them. It gives me hope. Hope that for all of the bad out there, transversely, there is good, too. And not just normal run-of-the-mill-good but true selflessness out there. Hiding in minivans right in front of you at the local drive-thru and you are none the wiser.

I believe very much in the yin and yang in the universe and the balance that it creates in humanity. Though with all of the media outlets constantly broadcasting the evil side of things it becomes easy to forget how much purity is out there as well. It is simple to become jaded and cynical when all you see is the harsher side of us as a people. The more jaded we are, the farther removed from our own sense of goodness and purity we become as well.

Today I was reminded.

It is easy to give to people that are obviously in need. But charity is different than the random act of kindness. The random act is given to someone that may not be homeless or visibly downtrodden but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be reminded of the good in all of us. I needed that reminder, I truly did. I would give anything to know who that woman in the van was so that I could thank her for the message and tell her how much it meant to me.

But that would not be the point, would it?

The only gift that I can give in return is to turn around and remind someone else and hope that it moves them in the same way that it touched my heart.

Pay it forward, always. You never know who might be “needy”. Just because they have a smile on their face does not mean that a kindness is wasted there. You can never know what you can give another until you put yourself out there.

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    • I like to think I’m a great person because I give hand over foot to people in need. But what about people in general? I’m lacking here!

      How can I toot my own horn if I don’t just give for the sake of giving with no hope of a thank you.

      Let’s do it together!

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