Some days it’s just a guessing game that I can’t win for losing…

“Want hawt”

This is what Jp has been saying all day.

What it means…

I have no clue.

“Want hawt. Want hawt. Want hawt. Come on.”

Ummm….what the heck is hawt?

Hot? What do you want hot? Can you show me?

Into the kitchen we go.

He stands there repeating the phrase over and over like a mantra.

I’m still baffled three hours later.

I’m making everything in the kitchen hot and nothing is working.

I give up.

Hey buddy, want Iphone? 😉


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    • Lol My husband looks at me too. Most of the time, I have an idea since he doesn’t do much “incidental learning” but this one I didn’t teach him and I still have no idea whatnot could mean. 😉

  1. Looks as though he’s taken the name EyePhone to heart. ha ha

    Frustrating for both of you, I know. Been there and still going there with my kid who is fluent in sign language … I’m not so fluent. :p

    • Haha that’s so clever! I love sign! I’m actually quite proficient. There is a huge (boarding) school for the deaf in Austin so I know quite a few hearing impaired people and found the language so fascinating that I learned just for fun. 🙂

      • Good for you! It’s a great expressive language. I wish I could learn more of it. My son goes to a Deaf school – he’s absorbing it like a sponge. At that rate it’s hard to keep up.

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