Testing, testing,…1, 2, 3….


Today was Jp’s mandatory 6 month speech evaluation. Let me tell you, he did so much better than I expected! He actually pointed to children doing things in books. I almost fell over right then and there and died of shock.

Dana: Point to the child that is sleeping, Jp.

(At this point I am thinking that there is no way that this is going to happen. I can’t get him to do anything like it at home.)

Jp: *points*

Dana: (Looking at me with the “Wow” face) That’s right! Now can you show me the child that is playing?

(I’m still thinking the first one was a fluke so I wait for the blank look I am so used to)


Dana: Right again!

We are all dying from utter and complete disbelief as he got, not one, but all FIVE of them correct! I very nearly had a heart attack and had to restrain myself from hugging him and breaking his extremely fragile concentration for what is an unusually long test for a toddler. How exciting it was to see him do something that I didn’t even know that he was capable of. This kid never fails to surprise me right out of my socks! It was a little up and down from there but I have to say that that moment alone was enough for me to see how much progress we have made in the last 6 months.

Go Jpeezy!

His expressive score stayed the same since the shift to high 2’s (high closer to 3 years of age in the expectation level) and his organic sentence structure still leaves much to be desired but it is coming in at a solid “Average” and that is pretty much like saying he is gifted from where we started this adventure. So guess who is eating their weight in French Fries right now? I’ll give you a hint…he’s pretty awesome.

Receptive was next and that always leaves me holding my breath until the end. I never know what to expect since what he understands is a total crap shoot. I just kept watching him and trying to send him positive vibes with my love. He did even better than I could have hoped for!

We are out of the “Severe” disorder ranking! Booyah!

It’s by just a couple of points but oh, what a feeling! I’m so excited for my little guy. He went from “Severe” to “Poor” but don’t let that word fool you…what it really means is “Improvement”! We are heading up that chart and that is worth all of the late nights and long days and the mind numbing Nick Junior (believe it or not, supervised and interactive TV watching and video games help with a receptive language disorder) and ABC Mouse sessions because they are truly paying off. We are moving on up the ladder.

I couldn’t be more proud right now and happy for my little guy! He just keeps working so hard and is learning so much every day that I am proud to be his mom and to be a part of this adventure. Some people will (thank goodness) never know what it feels like to go from “He may be in special schools his whole life” to “Wow, look at the positive and major progress he has made in the last 6 months!”. At his last evaluation he had no imaginative play what so ever and would just pick up the bear and throw it as opposed to “feeding it because it was hungry”. This time he fed the bear, me, and then Dana, too! 6 months ago he couldn’t learn variations of the same word. Go meant go outside and nothing else could ever go (unless it was going outside) now he knows multiple words for the same item. Before he would retreat to his room because (not knowing it at the time) conversations between adults were confusing and he would cover his ears and hide. Now he loves to be with us downstairs and enjoys when we interact with him.

I just can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings us…I just know that the sky is the limit when it comes to my kick A little man.

Photo Credit: intermsllc.com

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  1. Again, a much appreciated share as my four year old has just been issued her first assessment for this coming June and I’m all in a dither! This brings me much hope! I have gotten more comfort from the stories here in three days, than I have inside my world in three years thanks to honest ppl as yourself! Many Thanks!

    • Awe, thank you! I am glad that you were able to find a place that you don’t feel so alone. Before I started blogging, I felt the same exact way, so I can completely empathize.

      Don’t worry about the tests. I have never let them worry me too much as they rarely tell you something that you don’t already know and if there is an issue at least you will know and work toward a goal! It’s a great feeling to be able to progress as opposed to just worry. Hugs!

  2. That’s great news! I’m happy for you guys. That little man will continue to suprise you and outdo your expectations for years to come. He’s gonna be just fine! And maybe you will be too one day! 😉

  3. Wonderful news and great blessings for yu and JP! It’s so nice when things go unexpectedly well and someone is there to see it, and as a bonus, it was when someone was there to document it! Way to go!

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