Jp is one cold away from being a boy in a bubble…


Easter picnic at a park? Why, of course, it would be followed by Jp getting sick. Gracious. I feel as though lately, every time I dare to take him to a kid friendly place, he comes home with a cough at least.


I know that they climb the walls and all you want to do is get them out into the sunshine and let them play…but another child is going to touch what they did and then cram their germ infested hands into their mouths because that is what they do. I can’t run around -sanity still intact- sterilizing everything that he touches. Now only a week out from the last round of illness and illness related after affects…Jp sounds like a little old woman he is so congested. Cheese and rice.

Oh vey, here I go again, off to the store to buy another round of medicines he won’t take and a new cool squirt gun to keep him hydrated (the old one is lost in the universe now). I swear, if he gets one more cold in the next few weeks, I am putting him in a plastic bubble. John Travolta style.

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  1. I may have ranted about this very thing already recently, but oh well. My mom is a teacher’s assistant in a preschool. A guy (total douche I can tell) dropped his daughter off and my mom says that she doesn’t look so good. She’s fine he says. As he turns around, the girl barfs all over the floor and he continues on his way. Little girl says that it’s like the third time she’s thrown up this morning already. Long story short, dbag has to be convinced/ordered basically, that he had to take the girl home because she couldn’t stay in her condition. He was sooooo put out!!! I hate him and people like him, but you have to figure it happens all the time. My wife and I are those stupid people who wait 24 hours like we’re told to do. That’s why we have hardly any vacation time to use anymore! Lol.

    • I know, I’m selfish, as I stay at home and have luxuries that other parents don’t, but it’s always the park or a bounce house that he comes home sick from. Every flipping time. I keep him home forever (from therapies, too, and I call and inform them so they can double clean everything he touched) and then I feel guilty and think a boy needs more interaction than his back yard and so I take him to do something fun and bam! Sick again.

      I’m either building a kid with a no fail immune system or the warning of preemies getting sick more intensely more often is true. I have no clue. I know it’s not other parent’s faults but sometimes I just want to blame someone! 😉

  2. Ugh. Don-that is horrible!!! Parents like that are just weirdos in my opinion. I agree. We are always catching everything. But, it does get better. My oldest doesn’t get sick as much as the boys which I think is just an indicator that she’s built up her immune system now at almost 7. Just 6 more years to go then until we aren’t sick every other week. 🙂

  3. Why is it sooo important to bring the kids out when they are sick? I freaking HATE it when my students show up in my home studio all snot nosed and gross. Not only do I hve a child who doesn’t need the germs, but I am preggers! Please, people have a heart.

  4. I know, right? I’m all for “let them eat dirt” build a healthy immune system, but seriously. They all have kids. They all know how much it sucks to be sick when you are pregnant.

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