Watch this [whole] video -even though it hurts- and see why parent advocates are VITAL for children with language difficulties.

There really are no words. I watched this video and all I could do was cry for this poor little boy and every other child that had these women as teachers. This kind of atrocity actually happens; I’ve seen it happen. I know that it is possible for people to do this because I have seen it with my own eyes though I had hoped with my whole heart that we had grown enough in our understanding of developmental disorders that this kind of “shaming” was no longer an issue.

I had only planned to stay home for a few short years with Jp but when language became such a struggle for him we made the decision to keep him home for this reason. And be certain that if we reach school age and my son still has difficulties with communication I will periodically be doing this as well.

The women on the tape thought that these children would have no way to “tell on them”. How utterly shameful and horrible. I can’t even type this without wanting to cry. Please, watch this and know that as frightening as it is, these things DO happen and if you EVER feel like something is wrong or off with your children’s school or teachers please take action!

I love this man for standing up for his son and making this video viral so that we can all be more educated to the fact that it is not always the child that is the “problem”, it is the way that are being treated at school. I love this man for not taking anyone’s word. He knew his son and was willing to go against the school system to prove it.

You are my hero, Stuart Chaifetz!



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      • Parents with kids who need a little extra help have to be extra proactive in protecting them, sadly. Too many are unwilling to take the extra step and learn about different teaching methods and how to best help kids who can’t just look at a math problem and know what to do or even read etc. I don’t know if Lucy has any of those yet, her dad did, and we’ve already made the choice that we want to do homeschool kindergarten, Montesorri if we could afford it, because they’d let me be there all day if I wanted so that we will be the first to know if she needs help. Not a parent-teacher conference telling us our kid is a “brat and violent” because I really try not to be the kind of example parent for her that goes to prison for hurting a teacher ;). The public ones in our area consecutively do poorly and lots of complaints about teachers :(. I think you’re doing the best thing for him and giving him an advantage.

  1. That’s a good dad right there. I was just going to watch a couple of minutes of that, but ended up watching the whole thing since he told such a compelling tale. That bs makes me sick.

    That’s not teaching at all. That’s institutionalism all over again!

    I pray that this is the exception for these kids and not the norm.

    • I would say that it happens more than we think, though certainly not the “norm”. I had a lot of coinciding prereq’s as special education and know a ton of people in that field in Florida. Saints. Most are amazing and I thought they were angels on Earth.

      But from working in that environment (albeit 15 years ago) I know that it does happen. I saw teachers treat them as though they were barely even there and considered them “uneducatable” so what was the point in trying? I saw teachers talking about their personal lives as though the children weren’t even in the room and even about the children themselves.

      Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. Which is why this Dad is my absolute effing HERO. Good for him. He knew his son. Those teachers were just so messed up and callous that they thought that every child with Autism acted out violently. So who would be the wiser if they tormented him?

      I think they should face criminal charges! Don, you’re a cop…there is nothing that states that verbally abusing kids that are in your care is illegal?

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