Yesterday was a fine example of how ill prepared I am for Jp’s adolescence…


The one silver lining to a child being ill (am I wrong for saying this?) is that they are super snugly and spend the better part of the time curled up in your lap. Especially for me, since Jp is a ball of energy normally and the only snuggles that I get are at the price of either A) giving up my Iphone and being subjected to Angry Birds for hours or B) settling in to watch Cars, Rio, or Nemo for the 4,657th time. Neither are optimum situations for one’s sanity. So a weird and [perhaps] slightly sick part of me likes when Jp is a little under the weather. It’s usually a beautiful day of snuggling in the big bed (our room) and watching movies and eating popcorn.

Yesterday, my wonderful husband used a sick day to stay home with us on the rainy day and help me out since I have had more sick days than not lately. But with illness being the norm as opposed to the difference lately, and Mom being the one that forces all of the necessary medicines, baths, and other general things that he hates, Jp decided that with Dadda home…he hated me all day long.

Every time I tried to go near him, he shooed me away with a firm declaration of, “No!”.

Oh, my poor, poor heart! Sick is Mommy’s time! I kiss the boo boo’s and make everything better. It’s in my job description. It clearly states that dad is the player of the fun games and I am the one that makes the “ickys” go away. Chris is a creative and fun playtime partner. It’s his strength as a parent and I am grateful for him and their profoundly close relationship, I truly am. But yesterday, when my baby with a runny nose and warm with fever wanted nothing to do with me…my fragile Mommy heart was shattered.

I am really going to have to develop some thicker skin for the years of adolescence.

We all know that when our kids become small versions of grown ups that they are going to think we are “stupid” and “uncool”. It’s just a fact of parenting. They won’t come back around until they have children of their own. The circle of life and whatnot. But I still have years! Years, I tell you! I certainly wasn’t prepared to be smacked away with the declaration of, “Dadda!”, quite yet. I was pouting more than Jp was, which of course my husband thought was a riot, since getting to be the preferred parent is always my gig so you know that he was soaking it in.

Though when night fell and the birds had gone to sleep, Jp felt ten times worse as all ill children tend to do. He was snuggled up in my bed, unable to sleep and miserable, and who was the one he snuggled up to? Momma, of course. Even when we are the most awful people on the planet, in our children’s opinions, we are still the ones that they run to (or call out for) when their worlds are out of whack. No matter how old they are, when they are sad or unsure, they will always call for us. He slept curled up to me like I was made of cookies and chocolate all night long.

First thing this morning?

“Dadda?”. I told him Dadda was at work but would be home soon. He cried for a few minutes. Really? I’m not that bad, buddy! Then he walked over to me and asked for the Iphone and snuggled in and we listened to the rain and thunder all morning. All is right with the world again.

I guess the fact that I may not always be the favorite parent is something that I will always have to contend with, as it is difficult to compete with the parent that knows all the fun games and buys all of the best (non-educational) toys, but as long as he loves me, that is all that I truly need to be happy.


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  1. Went through this too, and was convinced I was somehow inadequate in his eyes. Little Man preferred dad to me a lot of the time…until he hit about 5 years old. Now, while he is always happy to see dad, he positively lights up for me and I’m his “bestie”. Just you wait! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what’s twisted in my house, but as soon as Momma disappears around the corner and Daddy is left in charge…my kids cry all the time. It’s like any boo boo they’ve had the past week revisits and causes all kinds of trauma. Tonight, my little gal sassed me with a look, and I asked her to not do that. She did it again a few minutes later (you know, the “eat poop and die look” that we all dread in their teens). I stopped her playing and took the toy away, made her look at me and said, Momma said no, we don’t make ugly faces when we’re in trouble. She pouted at me, and then Daddy chimed in and sweetly asked her to apologize to me. She proceeded to cry for a full five minutes. Sigh…the terrible twos are more like the teen twos…her and her drama!

  3. I promise – teen years don’t have to be that bad. Just make sure your home is always a place they love being! I think you and Chris will be REALLY good at that. Plus, you’ve got lots of years to get ready. Glad all is right with the world again.


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