I’m sexy and I know it…

With the Contagion spinoff going live at my house this month, some of the finer points of upkeep have fallen by the wayside. Like haircuts for toddlers. Now, it’s not that I don’t like Jp’s hair kind of long and semi Mexican Bieberish (yes, that’s a thing) but there is this perfect length of unkempt where the hair falls at just the exact dangerous level enough to poke him in his own eyes. Which is traumatic to say the least.

As if my child needs yet another reason to injure himself.

He only has the patience for haircutteries (um, of course I know that’s not a word, where’s your sense of humor?) that have cool car chairs and are equipped with TVs that you can actually choose your own DVD. And any Mom that frequents these borderline-extortion-priced-specialty salons/overpriced-product-pushing venues knows that on the weekends they resemble zoos with no keepers and it’s impossible to time a haircut for a small person with their own agenda so you are waiting longer for the trim than it takes to actually do the deed. No, thanks, I’m good on that. Those of us that stay home know that not only is there little to no wait during the week, they get to pick their own car, the stylists aren’t as pushy or rushed, and at least if it goes badly you don’t have 30 sets of eyes on you. Then the other Moms giving their kids the look, you know, the one that says, “You had better never act like that kid is acting right now”.

I will never again enter those establishments on the weekend. This is the backlash anarchy that my rebellion has caused…

Legal Docs 001

Having a boy means my pony tail skills leave much to be desired…


But I really think we would have made a truly cute little girl! 😉



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