A step by step tutorial on how to handle running out of your child’s favorite food…

You hear it. The dreaded sound most feared by toddler parents. Your child is asking for something that makes them happy, maybe even what you or they would consider the favorite of all foods there is to be had. With a clenching sensation in your stomach you realize that while you meant to grab it yesterday at the store…you forgot. Now they are singing the words like a mantra.

What are you going to do?

Step 1-

Rummage through the pantry moving year old boxes of Hamburger Helper (why do I buy this stuff when we never eat it? Darn you coupons!) around and pray that a pantry fairy exists and has deposited some in here somewhere.

Yes, you are the only one that shops and you always know what is and isn’t in there. But this is a vital step nonetheless.


Step 2-

Begin a new search of favorite food number 2 and hope with all your might that they will forget that they asked for the item that is nowhere in the house.


Step 3 (unless by some freak occurrence that step 2 worked)-

Realize your child is much too smart for these amateur hour diversionary tactics and is still protesting your forgetful nature by marching around the kitchen demanding said snack.


Step 4-

Try to distract them with toys, books, or television.


Step 5- Repeat step 3.


Step 6- Give up trying and go get coat and shoes. Then try to get hysterical child into clothing without losing your mind or a limb.


Step 7- Go to store and get the item you should have never forgotten in the first place. Curse yourself the entire way and try to not wreck your car while listening to the deafening screaming from the back seat.


Step 8- Buy 20 of them so that you never have to feel this frustrated over fruit snacks or Cheetos again.


Step 9- Freak out when your child falls asleep in the car thus forgetting said snack and defeating the entire purpose of this useless trip to the store in the first place. Pull over to gas station. Procure bottle of wine. Wait for bedtime on pins and needles. clock

Step 10- Gear up for tomorrow. There has to be something you’ve forgotton…


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    • I never judge. And Jp has two bedtimes. One that is when he has no nap and it’s early…so it’s easy to wait. But on nap days it’s late and I don’t wait. Or on really bad days…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this – my heart was racing as I read it feeling the ALL TO FAMILIAR feeling of favorite food panic. And yes then there is the make the favorite meal only to have it turned down and be told – YUCKY! *Le Sigh* This too shall pass….This too shall pass!

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