Let’s Define Irony…Shall We?


First, let’s look at the definition of ‘Situational Irony’:

Situational Irony – The irony that most people think of. A difference between what you expect to happen (in a story, for example) and what actually happens. Rain on your wedding day would be a sort-of example, because a wedding day is generally expected to be a perfect, happy day. The good advice you didn’t take, however, would NOT be irony, because that has nothing to do with what is expected and what isn’t expected. A traffic jam when you’re already late wouldn’t be irony either; there’s no automatic expectation that traffic will be fine, just because you happen to be late.

Urban Dictionary (Yes, a valid source of information #mindyobidness)

And an interesting example of situational irony (outside of the awesome Alanis Morrisette song), you ask?

Writing a post blasting Facebook and then checking your stats the next day to find a weird spike and then noticing a massive amount coming from Facebook?

Uh, excuse me?

So you’re saying that the post I wrote about how much Facebook annoys me was shared by several people on Facebook?

Irony defined. I can die laughing now.


Dude! This rant about Facebook just HAS to be posted to Facebook, yo!

Put. The. Keyboard. Down.



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  1. I would like to inform you that I will now be singing that stupid song for the rest of my night. Which I suppose is better than the songs on the Neverland Pirate Band CD – but still. I’m absolutely going to post on facebook about the song stuck in my head. 😉

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