Parenting Don’ts From the Queen of Bad Decisions Over Here…

I had an extremely rare opportunity to get out of the house and be a grown up last night involving watching some boxing and imbibing a few too many cocktails. Which means I am feeling fan-freaking-tastic this morning *sarcasm dripping from every syllable* and Jp is taking this opportunity to get into every flipping thing imaginable while I chase him around in what can only be described as slow motion.

“Where did you get the kite and how did you get tangled up so quickly?”


“Why are the contents of my purse all over the kitchen?”


“Where on God’s green earth did you get a Crayon?!”


Eeeeerrrrg! Last night was something like this…


But this morning looks more like this….


Ahhhhhh…now I remember why I never -ever- go out anymore. Now someone please pass the aspirin and coffee my way before I fall over! Serves me right, right? πŸ˜‰

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    • So true! Although I do get really lucky with the most bad a$$ husband ever…since I rarely do it, when I do have a hangover, Chris always let’s me sleep in and makes me coffee!


  1. I had a night like that last June. A cousins wedding. Best effing wedding I’ve ever been too. And the next day I was definitely hung over and couldn’t believe I had to parent all day long. Never. Again. I’m so sorry for you, but I’m so glad you had a blast last night!!!!

    • It was so fun! Totally worth it since my husband is the man an helps me out all day afterwards. It’s rare so he always does everything for me. He just had something he wanted to do for a few hours today which is why I was so lost lol. I’m used to Chris handling things the few and far between times I am hungover! πŸ™‚

      I’m good until Halloween! That’s our epic party of the year. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh yeah. Been there. I think half of the problem is that I’m an old lady who can’t function the next day if I go to bed any time past 11 pm. Even when alcohol isn’t involved. (Which isn’t often because if I am up past 11 there is usually boxed wine involved.)

    • Getting old is not easy! Your body just doesn’t bounce back like your twenties! I remember partying all night, getting up, going to class, then work the next night! Now I can’t function! πŸ™‚

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