Daily Affirmations For the Stay-At-Home-Mom…

ImageGood morning moms! The day in the life of the stay-at-home-mom is a special kind of crazy, isn’t it? There are days that you breeze through every chore, finger paint, snuggle, and still have plenty of time left over to attend to your own personal hygiene with no sweat. Then, usually right after a good one, there are days that you can’t seem to get anything done at all, no one is happy, everyone is crying (including you), and you wonder why you ever decided to give up 8 hours a day outside of this loony bin! What were you ever thinking?!

That’s why we have to remind ourselves daily why it is that we do what we do. There is no boss praising us, no promotion to let us know that our hours are appreciated, and that dinner that we spent an hour planning and 3 preparing is usually devoured with a single nod being the only critique which would have been as freely given if you had prepared a Totino’s frozen pizza. As SAHM’s, we have to dig a little deeper -it’s not caveman times, here, most of us are bright and capable women- and constantly remind ourselves that what we are doing is not only about loving our children…but loving ourselves, as well. So, try this tomorrow morning and see how you feel….

Step 1:

Wash your face, brush your teeth, and shake your head back and forth a few times. Make a few animal noises and wiggle your shoulders. Get the blood flowing.

Step 2:

Repeat after me (out loud into the mirror)….

“I am a good mom.” *breathe*

“I am a patient mom.” *breathe*

“If I do happen to lose my patience, that doesn’t make me a bad mom, it makes me a human being, and these things happen. I won’t beat myself up more than is necessary. Tiny humans are irrational and wildly emotional people and meeting that with constant serenity is next to impossible 100% of the time.” *breathe*

“I will not ever compare myself to other moms. I don’t compare my children to other children, so that is a double standard, and one that I will not partake in. I will not let Pinterest be anything more than an inspiration for things that I would like to do, not a reason to stress out about my lack of crafting projects with my kids this week or the fact that I buy boxed cupcakes.” *breathe*

“Mom and martyr may begin with the same letter but they are certainly not the same thing. I will take some time for myself today even if that means that I have to lock myself in the bathroom with a magazine and tell my husband that I am sick.” *breathe*

“I will not allow myself to feel guilty about any decision that I make in the best interest of my child as I see fit. I parent the way that I feel is best and I will not let popular opinion, the media, or my fellow moms make me feel bad about that.” *breathe*

“No, that mess may not clean itself, but the world will not stop turning if I don’t get to it today. I will feel good about what I did accomplish and leave it at that. And if my husband asks me what I did today I will not cry, scream, or punch him in the nose.” *breathe*

“I am blessed to be me. Even with the water running out of the sink, crayon on the walls, the insane screaming, the dogs barking, the TV blaring cartoons, and my kid(s) run around like something out of the Lord of the Flies still in pajamas at eleven o’clock in the morning. When they are grown, I won’t remember one terrible day. I will only remember being able to be here with them in their most vital years.” *deep cleansing breath in and out*

Step 3-

Now go in to wake them up and be prepared for the worst. Every day isn’t a Norman-Rockwell-moment-frozen-in-time when you are raising toddlers but there are always more highs than there are lows. There are more times of love than that of tears. Every day may not be perfect but that is why God gave us Disney and Nick Jr!

What other profession could you have were, if someone pees in the toilet, you go crazy and pass out prizes? What other job could you give out a cookie and you are rewarded with a kiss? What other occupation comes with declarations of love and affection just for pulling yourself out of bed in the morning?

Being a stay at home mom is the best job that there is most days. Finding the tiny victories and moments of bliss are what makes us be able to do what we do every day with tiny people screaming in our faces, right? And, while every day can’t be the picture of perfection, they will all -even the bad ones- be something that we miss terribly when our children are all grown up and have children of their own and barely remember to call us at all.

Just breathe and remember that this {tantrum} too, shall pass.

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I'm just living minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

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  1. The worst thing about being a mom is you are always a mom and not you. That is also the best thing…. most days! I had to laugh when you said about your husband asking what you did today! We all feel that reaction.

    • Ooooooh, that question will make me see red every time lol. Or if I happen to be doing an odd thing for a weekend like wiping a baseboard and he says, “Why are you doing that? You never do that!”

      I’m all like, “Who the heck do you think does all of that stuff? The cleaning fairy?!” 😉

  2. Great affirmations. I need to repeat the one about not being patient a lot. I’m not a patient mom. And hurray for you for being able to be a full time Stay At Home Mom, like so many other blogger moms I read……I’ve never done it full time for more than one year…..and I couldn’t wait to get back to work. Good for you!!! Lovely post:)

    • I wasn’t in it for this long…but with Jp being Jp…we decided we weren’t ready for preschool yet! LOL. Not that he’s not, we are not.

      Patience is the one thing I have…but I’m no saint and Jp is a handful! So, I do lose it every once in awhile. I beat myself to death, too, which is why it’s on there! 🙂

  3. Normal Rockwell was full of shit. And while I do still work in the office, I get to feel both sides of the spectrum due to telecommuting 2 days a week. Yesterday was a good day. Even though I was home, no adult cried, Stella decorated cupcakes, Felix was pretty self-contained, and we hardly had the TV on at all!

  4. This post makes me laugh! I like those affirmations to self in the mirror, especially the one about mother and matyr. 🙂 When our kids are grown, we will miss all these, imperfections and all. So true. Great post! 🙂

    • Awwww, thank you so much! I keep that one very close to my heart, too. It’s a tough balance and doing it flawlessly is impossible but we have to try our best to be as true to ourselves and there for our families as possible, right? 🙂

  5. This is great thanks! I was thinking PJs at 11? Wow when we don’t go out they’re in PJs till its time for bath and clean pjs ..sometimes I wonder why I buy them clothes! 🙂 I learned a while back.. PJs or clothes, not high on priority list.

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