Am I boring you talking about my kids? Please, tell me more about yourself…

I hear the following statement a million times over. It’s on Facebook, from the mouths of single friends, in articles that I read, and in blogs all over WordPress:

“People who have kids have nothing to talk about but their kids…it’s so BORING.”

ImageOkay, I get it. I do. Before I had a child, I found people talking about their children endlessly to be an annoyance, too. What did I care about whatever this-is-too-cute-for-words nonsense you were pushing? I mean, seriously, unless he or she said some borderline inappropriate thing that a kid has no business knowing -thus telling me that you were raising them incorrectly which I did actually find funny- then I just wasn’t interested. Everyone thinks their kid is cute, hilarious, and a probably half a genius, too. It’s the condition of all parents. And single people could absolutely care freakin’ less.

I know that because I have been there.

But when you do have a child, your perspective on what is “interesting” changes immeasurably. All of the sudden, all of that stuff that you spent hours discussing at cocktail parties seems boring now and relatively inconsequential.


For realz, yo!

ImageOkay, you got me, I’m not sorry….

ImageSeriously, what did people do before they could post every class and test on Facebook?!

I’m not saying that things you do before you get married and have children aren’t important, because they truly are, and the more fun you have when you’re single, the less likely you are to miss it when you settle down later. Live it up, kids, because a night out with your friends will be a dim and distant memory one day when you have children of your own. Good luck finding the time to work out four hours a day when you have a family and responsibilities outside of yourself.

Because, the truth is, while we as parents may seem extraordinarily boring to you…you seem crazy boring to us.

Sounds nuts, right?

“How could I be boring?”, you say, aghast, “I’m the one doing all of the interesting things. Travel, parties, career…I’m fascinating.”


Yeah, this is kind of what we hear honestly…

As parents, while we love to live vicariously through your super fun and interesting stories, in the back of our heads, we kind of feel sorry for you, because (brace yourself) you have no one to talk about BUT yourself. And intermittent stories of random drama from people that we couldn’t possibly keep up with that you met in a bar, at work, or on social media.

Seriously, do you not realize how much you talk about yourself?

It’s constant. How much you weigh, what you eat, where you went, where you’re going, how much you bench, a grade on a test, pictures of your food, of your dog, things you think are funny, things you wish you could do, your hopes, your dreams, your relationships, your happiness, your sadness…

ImageI can’t remember the last time I spoke with a single friend and they didn’t bombard me with ‘self-talk’ for the better part of the entire conversation. I don’t know what to say, since I know the amount that you want to hear about my kids is minimal and my husband, probably less unless it’s juicy, which it never is. So, we sit on the phone while you talk about you, you, you.

And there, my friends, is the true difference. As parents, we know we bore you. We’re completely aware. We used to be single, too, remember? What you don’t know as single people is that you bore us just as much.


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  1. Sometimes I hate myself, like when the wife and I finally get a night out and all we talk about is, yup, the fuckin’ kids! Aaaahhhh!! What will we talk about when they leave the house?

    • I know! I go out, saying I’m not going to do it, then three drinks in and I’m like, “Jp..blah, blah, blah”.

      LOL I always tease though that when my friends finally have kids (a bunch of late bloomers in my group) we’re finally going to be able to not do it because teenagers are boring and they are going to be the ones yammering on about so and so rolling over! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You hit the nail on the head. I feel like ALL I do is talk about my little one! But she is awesome, and I talk about myself too much as it is.
    Love your humor! Going to check out some of your other posts immediately!

    • Oooooh, that except I would bring my husband. We haven’t one whole night and morning to ourselves since we brought Jp home from the NICU!

      I would be bored alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am in love with eCards, so I pretty much loved this post. But, it’s so true. The worst people are the ones that are parents AND obsessed with themselves. Those people I want to kill. Ha! At least I have one obsession at a time.

  4. I was part of a masters swim team, We were a mix of all ages and when we went away to compete not one minute was spent talking about kids. It was amazing to be me! However my husband and I do wonder what the hell we are going to do when the kids are gone, what will we talk about? We will be down to two kids come September. It will be so quiet. I never mind talking about kids as long as it is not the everything is rosy boring kind of talk. If it is I go for the shock factor just to amuse myself.

    • I hate that. But I’m like that with blogs, too. Okay, parenting is great. I know that! I’m a big fan of it. But tell me something real. Tell me about a time you lost your temper, lost your mind. Then I will know you are really a parent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. When I was single, I spent a lot of time alone and so I spoke about myself. Now that I spend all day alone with my baby, that’s what I talk about. I realize it’s tedious, but some days Facebook is my only connection to the outside world. And honestly, most days I don’t have a whole lot going on other than taking care of my son. I’ve had people tell me that it’s annoying, but meh. They can unfollow me if they want. That’s the beauty of Facebook!

    • I’m the same on Facebook. I could care less what people think! Like I want to read about your workout, your endless tags at bars, your revolving relationship status… Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. All I think is thank heavens a real conversation still has the capacity to be steered or ended. Status updates are statements and rarely ask ‘and how are you doing by the way?’

  7. K.C. sent me over, and boy I’m glad I came. You are hilarious to a fault, and you make mommy-ing definitely not boring to a non-mommy.

  8. But you ARE still extremely self involved. Your focus is now on your child and your “stable” (as opposed to revolving) relationship with your husband. They are people outside of you, yes, but still entirely connected to you, making up your world. Also, bar tagging and workouts? You might just have boring friends. There is an enormous world out there with infinite possibilities for affecting peoples lives in important and positive ways. Some people also can’t have children- I suppose they are doomed to a superficial life. Congrats, you can breed. Now you are important.

    • It’s a humor piece. I write a lot of these. While not affecting change and perhaps being insensitive to the fertility-challenged, it was meant to make people laugh. To not be taken seriously.

      And thank you, I DO feel important. It’s nice to be noticed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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