I am sorry that I am genuinely NOT sorry….


Jp doesn’t learn much incidentally. For those who aren’t in Speech Therapy, that means that he doesn’t just hear things and pick them up on his own…often. They have to be taught and quizzed and repeated over and over again until your brain starts to feel like a heaping bowl of oatmeal. Which means, he has to reeeeeeeally hear the word tons and tons to actually pick it up and learn it, much less use it in the correct and proper context every time.

Even if you don’t mean to.

Let’s take, for example, my son’s new favorite word: “Shoot”. He likes to play this little motorcycle app on the Iphone and some of the levels are incredibly difficult so, when he reaches one that he needs a little help mastering, he will bring it over to mommy to help him. Guess what? I’m not that good at it, either. But since he’s a little vague on complex concepts like, “Dad is better at this but he is at work but he can do it when he gets home”, and even if he did understand, he’s three and a three-year-old has a patience level that is, like, one iota over instant gratification on a good day. So…mom has to play the game and pass the level or deal with a category 5 storm of tantrum aftermath for no reason at all.

So mommy plays the level. Because mommy takes too much aspirin as it is.

And, as I stated above, I’m not very good at it. So it is a ton of trial and error here. Apparently, every time I am not successful and the little motorcycle falls to it’s fiery demise, I am yelling, “Shoot!”. Which is why, now every time that he can’t complete it, either, he yells out the very same thing.

Really, kid, really? That’s what you’re latching onto here?

At first, I was mortified. When your child can’t say many things that a child his age can, the last thing you want him yelling out on the playground is “Shoot!” But then, I realized, it’s hilarious. It’s so funny that every time he does it, I can’t help but bust out laughing. Plus, he tends to learn things in one context so he only does it in the motorcycle game so what’s the harm, really? Which is why, when my husband started teaching him, “Pfffft..whatever”, as a little game that they play, I didn’t say one word.

Because it’s HILARIOUS.

You Funny Kid - You Tell Funny Joke LolMaybe there are a million and two things that I could do differently as a parent. Probably more, honestly. But there is nothing, and I do mean, nothing cuter than hearing a toddler say, “Pffffft….whatever” as he spits all over himself trying to ‘pffft’. Talk to me in 8 or 9 years…probably not so cute. But right now? ADORABLE.

So I have to say that I am just not sorry.

Not sorry that we are making memories that will last a lifetime and while they may not be ‘appropriate’- they will be ours, not sorry that I will not make the cover of Mother’s Digest (is there such a thing?) any time soon and I am fine with that, not sorry that I refuse to follow all of these “rules” that moms are supposed to follow. Maybe it goes back to the fact that my mom was a super pushy, rule following, “No refined sugar” mom. Not that didn’t love her, because I truly did…but I didn’t grow up thinking she was very much fun, either.

Maybe you are shaking your head right now and yelling at the computer screen, “But Amber! Parents aren’t supposed to be fun! We are supposed to be raising men and women for the world!”. And maybe you’re right. Maybe I am too interested in enjoying my child and not fighting battles that I should. But that’s okay because we are just us. We have fun, we’re silly, and every so often, we eat animal crackers for breakfast. Maybe, just maybe, I should be more strict but I think I pick my battles where I need to and where it’s important. Maybe I will be more strict one day. The world in parenting is full of uncertainty and one thing I have learned is that everything you ever say that you will never do…always happens, am I right?

But, for now, all I have to say about that -in the wise words of my Jpeezy- is, “Pfffft…Whatever!”.


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    • I rarely do the “right” thing (we are laid back like you would not believe) but I think that’s what makes us fun. πŸ˜‰

      And yes, those moms exist. I promise.

  1. I loved this post and you are not a bad parent at all. There will be plenty of opportunities when you’ll have to be strict, so have as much fun as you can. It’s the moments not the milestones that we remember.

    • Aw, thank you! I don’t really think I’m a bad mom (I toot my own horn a lot actually) I’m just unconventional in some ways.

      Childhood is fleeting and I only have one so I spoil the bee knees out of him!

      Sometimes I just like to put my silly ways out there so other moms feel good about their parenting! Lol πŸ™‚

  2. Love this! I have only hit the “suck” instead of stuck phase, but hey…you gotta get your giggles when you can when you’re stuck in the endless terror of raising toddlers. I mean, the terrible twos, the threatening threes…how else are you supposed to survive.

    My main source of humor is when my kids pass out in their car seats. My boy isn’t too bad, but Amelia goes bobble head instantly. Since I keep my rearview mirror on the carseats anyway (when I haul trailers I can’t use the mirror anyway, so I’ve just stopped using it…I have the dual mirrors on each side), I crack up after like 5 hours in a truck with two beasts in the back and one all of the sudden looks like the dog in those Taco Bell commercials. My mom will giggle a few times, and then admonish me. Yeah, I’m supposed to grow up. I bought “bean holders” those straps designed for car seats that wrap around and stretch and help hold the kids head up, and yeah, they work…unless you’re the driver. What am I? Crazy enough to stop on the side of the interstate with a horse trailer to reach back and strap them in once their asleep? Yeah right. Its a passenger kind of responsibility and if I’m without…why not giggle. I mean, I know I did it as a kid…probably still do on my worst days, and I know my mom and hubby crack up at it. So, we’ll all get to join in on the fun!

    • I grew up with a mom that took being a mom very seriously. Lessons, studying, the right foods, Ect. I loved my mom but we weren’t really friends until adulthood. I don’t want that for Jp and I.

      I could never have friends over. I used to worship the moms that let all of the kids come over and trash the house and play games with them. That’s the mom I want to be.

      While I grew up to be just like my mom is almost every way…I just want that one little difference, you know? I want to be the fun mom.

      I hope he lets me!! Lol πŸ˜‰

  3. Great post. I swear in front of my kids at times. And I know because I hear my 5 year old say, “JESUS….I just spilled all of my french fries”…or my 3 year old say, “SHIT” when he drops something. And I find it hilarious:)

  4. My kids have picked up some funny things too. one time I caught Avery saying to Kyle, “I really can’t play with your right now because I have a lot of things to do”. And, it was also classic when she started saying crap about about 2 years old. You are such a good mom! And, memories are indeed being made! πŸ™‚

  5. Haha, this is awesome. Seriously, I actually would put you on the cover of Mother’s Digest. The world needs more silly, more fun. Also, my number one parenting rule is: You Do Whatever Works. After that comes, Do Whatever I Find Hilarious. Which is probably why I taught Zoey to say, “No Way, Dude!” That one is totally coming back to bite me in the ass but it’s so cute and funny I don’t really mind. πŸ™‚

    • I know! I just want to spend time with him…not fight all of the time! It’s boring being a “super mom”. I’m unconventional and that’s just how I like it! πŸ™‚

      Thank you!

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