Dear Makers of the Only Children’s Vitamin that has Iron in it,

ImageYou guys are a bunch of jerks. And stop telling me I am overreacting. Why would you make a vitamin (the only one on the market that has Iron and every other major vitamin that my son refuses to eat in regular foods) and tell me that I have to give him a HALF of it? Why wouldn’t you make it so you give them one at that age and two if they are bigger? What the heck?!

Do you not realize that some kids get highly irrational when you take their “candy” and break it and not give them the whole thing? You can’t explain to some children that the whole thing is bad for them and so they cry and cry because you are snapping their little hearts in half when you break that stupid thing?

You suck, Flintstones.


Photo Credit of Offending Vitamins:

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  1. I despised the orange ones as a child… I would act like i took it in front of my dad, quickly put in back in my pocket and trash it on the bus lol

  2. I have to agree–they made me consistently sick for months almost years until my Mom figured out must be vitamins, that was in early80’sno Internet –I’m still allergic to MUCH in vitamins!

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