Remember me? Sarcastic Texan mommy blogger’s back!

ImageGuess who has two thumbs and has really missed blogging this past week? This girl! Here’s the things that I learned from my blogging hiatus:

1) I love blogging. It was hard to just put down the mouse and walk away even though I needed to.

2) I blog too much. My house looks unbelievably phenomenal right now and has all week long. I need to shift around my time management a bit to gain some more balance.

3) Even though finding the time to write can be a hassle, it is my passion, and there was a hole in my heart when I wasn’t partaking in it.

Last week, I just had a full plate. I could not keep my Potassium levels regulated (my health issue) and anyone who knows anything about that knows that when your ‘K’ is out of whack, you are exhausted and your hormones are all over the place. It is stressful all on it’s own but then I just kept feeling more and more things pile up.

Jp was going crazy. I mean, like I had bruises, going crazy. I needed to sit down -full attention- and work on some of these behavior changes. He is just getting older and while he is improving with his speech all of the time, he still is well behind his peers in communication, though I think his cognition level is right on point. He is becoming frustrated easily and have difficulties expressing himself emotionally. While blogging about it makes me feel better, it wasn’t doing anything about rectifying the situation for him.

Then my husband yelled at me that he felt distant from me because I was a million miles away all of the time. And, when I wasn’t zoned out, I was blogging or sitting on my Iphone. What was going on with me? He felt left out of my life.

As a repressing, Gemini, analyzer…he was 100% right. I was in my head nearly all of the time. I was worn out and stressed, holding everything in, and telling him nothing about any of it, because I “don’t like to complain”.

ImageHence the hiatus. But the truth is, I deeply missed blogging. It is an outlet for me and a place for me to express myself in a healthy fashion. It is my passion. Or, at least, one of them.

The others are, of course, my beautiful family. The struggle that I will always have as a person is letting others in when there is something on my mind. Especially with the ones I love.

After a week, I am happy to report, that Jp and I have worked on some breathing techniques and working through emotions and he is doing much better. Back to being my sweet little bug, even. Chris and I are fine again, of course (we always are), and are back to our regularly scheduled program of being silly and bickering about nothing. Right now, it’s over who is a better debater (since the time I won because he became all emotional and started stuttering and had to leave the room. Win.)…which is me. He thinks that harassing me about a Gatorade I may have forgotten (though I don’t think so) FOR THREE WEEKS until I finally say, “Yep, never bought it, you’re right, whatever” makes him superior in debate. Bless his heart.

All is back to normal on the home front and I’m glad to be back. Hope y’all missed me as much as I missed you!


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  1. Glad to see you back, Texas. Nothing much has changed in our little blog-o-world. I’m still pregnant and complaining incessantly, Don’s still an asshole, and Tric is holding us together with her Irish wisdom.
    You know, the usual.

    • Hey! You’re not ver, oh, asshole, yeah I guess that’s ok. Well I was finally starting to be ok without you quite frankly, and now that you’re back I’ll have to worry about you leaving again. It wasn’t the same to see a Mormon post and then no Texas post right before or after so that’ll be nice. I’m glad that your hormones are back in check. I was going to comment on one of your posts the other day, but I wasn’t sure if you and the hubs were having troubles in part because of the sex dreams you were having about me so I laid low. I mean totally understandable, sure, and if you see me on that Barbie bike they’ll only flare up again so maybe avoid that post? Lol.

      • Um…that bike picture is the killer of all sex dreams I would ever have…about anyone…ever. In fact, I may become a nun now. πŸ˜‰

        Lol that’s why I’m here…to mess with your head. Just when you’re okay without me, there I am, to reel you back in. Just like Chris Brown. πŸ˜‰

  2. I have to laugh at the fact that I was ignoring the hubby as I was reading this. He made a comment along the lines of, “Nice talking to you.” I responded with, “I’m reading!” I’m happy things are better and welcome back.

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