Be happy challenge? I’m in…don’t threaten me with a good time.

ImageI’m doing it. I don’t know why but a month of good memories just sounds like a good time right now. And we all know how I loooooove me a good time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am just going to start off at three since I am a bit late to the game: What you wore. In detail.

When? I wonder? I am going with any time as long as I had clothes on. That narrows it down a hair. So, the day that my life changed forever it is.

I was standing on my mother’s front porch crying. I was telling her goodbye as my even-then-ex-fiance was waiting to take me to the airport (Lord only knows why he wanted to drive me). I was leaving for Texas in 4 hours with a one way ticket. I will probably never in my life buy a one way ticket again and never had before. Just having one in my bag was terrifying. I was barely 25 years old and about to take my first adventure into the great unknown.

I also had no idea in that moment but it would also be the last time that I would ever hug my mother in my arms again. That one way ticket wouldn’t bring me home again and I would lose her a three short years later unexpectedly.

It is a big moment that stands out -and always will- in my memory for so many reasons. Obvious and painfully apparent reasons. And, believe it or not, I still remember every stitch of clothing on my body. I remember getting dressed that morning and thinking that it would be the last time that many of my friends would ever see me so I dressed with great care.

I wore a pair of dark, fitted jeans tucked into knee high brown boots, an emerald green lace and silk camisole under a tiny jean jacket that were all the rage back then, and my waist length dark Auburn hair was clipped on the side with a large Dragonfly barrette with emerald eyes. I only wore one piece of jewelery and that was a cross that my mother had given me for my sweet 16.

That was what I wore -in detail- the last day that I lived in Florida, that I saw my mother, and the first day I stepped into my life now back in Texas. I still have every piece of that outfit and when I take it out of the closet I always think of that day and remember the wildly mixed emotions that I felt on that porch and on the plane. The angst, the regret, the excitement, the fear…all of it.

I also never wore any of it again…because, to me, it is sacred. Funny the things we hold onto, isn’t it?ImageYou have to say goodbye to begin anew…

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  1. Beautiful, Amber. Made my time checking my reader worthwhile today.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your mom. We don’t really realize how temporal our relationships are until they end so suddenly. It’s truly a blessing that you have that memory still so fresh and exact in your mind, even though you didn’t know at the time what life would bring you. I’d say it’s a gift.


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