Day 5: This crazy house that I call home…

ImageMy home is a place of wonder. As in…I wonder how so much dust can possibly accumulate in one place in just one twenty-four hour long day. Yes, I know that I have a very large and equally destructive toddler that spends the vast majority of his time emptying toy bins, cabinets that he shouldn’t be in, and drawers that seem too tall for him to reach yet. Yes, I have a herd of dogs in an array of colors and coat lengths that I pretty much never brush out of sheer laziness. And two other grown adults that live here and eat here that do not do an iota of cleaning but a whole lot of mess making.

However, even with that in mind, the sheer magnitude of the amount of time and energy that I spend cleaning (and that doesn’t necessarily cover all of what really needs to be done) on a daily basis just to keep this place somewhere above Hoarders status is mind boggling. Like, I’m-pretty-sure-I-am-going-to-die-with-a-swiffer-in-my-hand and can-somebody-please-tell-me-where-in-all-of-the-free-world-this-dust-is-coming-from-when-I-just-dusted-yesterday...mind boggling.

I’m not an OCD clean freak, either. I like things to be orderly, yes, as I am sure that any stay-at-home mom does (“What is it that you DO all day?”), but I still am not entirely opposed to stuffing things in drawers and closets when I do not have the time to do it properly. Hey, tomorrow is another day. Perhaps Jp will not follow me around and spill V8 juice then. A girl can dream, eh?

All of this aside, however, I love my humongous house. We were unbelievably blessed enough to be able to take over my husband’s family home when his mom couldn’t handle it anymore (financially or any other way). So the house is bigger than anything we ever could have afforded (with me also staying home with our son) with no down payment. How lucky, huh? 4 bedrooms (one that we even converted to a theater room), 3 baths, vaulted ceilings, 2 car garage, kitchen to absolutely die for, all packed in a neighborhood that is walking distance to -not one- but two parks and one of the best elementary schools in the district. Costs an arm and a freakin’ leg, right?

Our mortgage is under $500 a month. Put the pitchforks down, people! Okay, if I heard that a few years ago I would agree and be at the hardware store with you. Pick them up…but good luck trying to find me, Austin is enormous. *Evil laugh*

Though what makes my home this wonderful place to be (aside from my sheer hatred of cleaning it) is that it is always filled with lovely music from the piano or acoustic guitars thanks to my musically inclined, right brained husband. The smells of food always permeate the walls thanks to me, the one that pretty much lives to cook. And the best part is that there is almost always laughter. Thanks to all of us because we are just incapable of taking life seriously. Often, at least. It is simply too short to do anything else.

I love my home that, on some days, could resemble an insane asylum with the din and the mess. I could perhaps pick a few projects that I wish would magically become completed (weekends are for fun, people, and it is rare to find us spending that time doing DIY projects) and it may be a beast to clean…but it truly is a magical place. I genuinely couldn’t imagine our life anywhere else.

And thankfully, I never have to. Who moves out of a house into a more expensive two bedroom apartment?

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  1. Oh man, don’t get me started on the cleaning/kid conundrum. I’ve gotten to the point that when they are going to be home for a day or two (weekends) I don’t clean ANYTHING because it’s just pointless and makes me cranky. And your mortgage is one third of my rent… I am Texas bound! 🙂

  2. Yes you are lucky! Although I don’t want think I would want to live in a big house for the exact same reasons you talked about (like I would go insaaane trying to keep it clean, by myself of course), I love how your mortgage is like nothing AND your home is as crazy and fun as the one I grew up in… Love it!

  3. Your house sounds absolutely lovely! I wish I had a kitchen to die for. 😦 I would love a big house like that. To host Christmases and all that stuff! Enjoy! I will send dustbunny-free vibes your way 🙂

  4. I absolutely adore your posts! You are hilarious in such a real way. I wonder where all that dust comes from too! Swiffer is a stay at home mom’s best friend! I am so sad my Swiffer Vac died, but the pads are amazing anyway. Have a great day!

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