Jp makes a friend…

20130609-182931.jpgJp loves being around people. He follows the other children around on the playground and hangs on the edges just obviously wishing that one would turn around and play with him; would chase him. He just cannot communicate in the way that they can and when they do turn to him to play, it only takes a few minutes for them to clue in that he doesn’t understand them, and to move on to another child that will.

It breaks my poor mommy heart into a million pieces.

Until he started hanging out with his new buddy, T. T has autism and is close to non-verbal. So T doesn’t care that Jp is not a big talker and doesn’t mind that Jp likes to wander off alone sometimes. T is happy on his own, too.

But watching the two of them together is something indescribably magical. Because my little boy has a real friend, one that he actually looks for and calls by name, and every feature on his face lights up in the most amazing joy that it is impossible to not be almost moved to tears.

My little guy finally has a friend that he fits in with and plays on his level. Jp makes T smile in the most bright way and T even said two words that he never had before just mimicking Jp.

They are this sweet match made in heaven and it is cuter than any picture could ever convey…but I think these do it some justice.

My little buddy has his very first friend.




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  1. It is sweet to watch kids that age play with each other. Cool and the neighbor boy have suddenly become buddies and it’s a treat to watch them together. I know what you feel like at a playground with your boy though. Cool wants to play with any and everybody and he gets his little heart broke if he’s rejected. He’s sort of a puss like that. Lol.

    • Lol Jp doesn’t really notice but will eventually give up. And we have play dates every week with a boy that he seems to never recognize at first.

      We had them over for a barbecue and Jp kept asking for him and following him and (mostly) sharing his toys and showing him things…it was so cute!

    • Thank you! It’s hard to watch your child be a little awkward…It makes me want to kick other toddlers when they are mean! Horrible, right? But when you see them click its even more magical!

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

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