One day when we are old and grey, the only moments we will remember are the ones that we kept…


I am spotty at best at this blogging challenge…but being a girl that never was great with deadlines or actually being forced to do anything…I am certainly not that surprised.

10 on 10 photos? Yep, Mrs Hip-as-the-day-is-long had to Google this and found it’s a relatively inapplicable photo challenge since it would take the better part of a year for me to take a photo on the tenth of every month for ten months.

Sooooooo….ten of my favorite photos that I have taken in the last ten months, it is! Take that rules and regulations!

I love filters and editing on the computer. Yes, I know to a true photographer it’s image rape. But I just cannot help myself. I think they take on a fun art-type look that one doesn’t have the option of creating in a dark room anymore. Oh, how I miss film.

Number One:

393220_4606866776651_1601585577_nWhat are these things you stuffed in my hand?

Number Two:

iphone 060King of the World! And yes, he totally got stuck!

Number Three:iphone 086My buddy! My buddy! Wherever I go…he goooooes!My buddy and meeee!

Number Four:

iphone 095The two men that make my world go round.

Number Five:

25049_10200195128187871_1158206406_nThis one is on the wall in the living room. My favorite shot by far!

Number Six:

528954_10200491525837627_783843290_nDandelions! He can’t get enough of them.

Number Seven:

530731_10200412735307913_1528121996_nAll up in yo face!

Number Eight:

iphone 089Boys will be boys…but they are even cuter with kites.

Number Nine:

iphone 056

My beautiful niece and sister-in-law.

Number Ten:

428914_10200258638175581_1058074664_nSomething about a man with a guitar…

And that’s my favorite ten of the last year. I wish I had time to dig back a little deeper but the computer is only that old and digging out USB’s and whatnot is not in the cards on a Monday with a laundry pile that is taller than my son!

Happy Monday to all! Don’t forget to be happy!

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