Suit up and Mommy on….

This week has been a little up and down. Like a ping pong ball stuck in the dryer, there have been many highs and and a few lows to counterbalance. First of all, the verbal looping that Jp has been harping on is still an issue (of which I previously chronicled here). It is equally hilarious and mind numbing in such a tedious way that one can only truly understand if you saw it for yourself. Are you really hungry or are you just saying you are because it is in “the loop”? Many a plate has hit the trash this week. Though, I did notice that I was much more laid back about today after my vent about it yesterday, so that is a plus.

Then this happened yesterday….

ImageMickey Mouse Band Aids make everything better…

Some things go together amazingly, like wine and good cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Two things that are not a match made in heaven is a feisty toddler and dog that is nearly a hundred years old in human years. Yes, no matter how many times I have warned Jp to leave that old, grumpy dog old dog alone…I guess that learning the hard way was just a trait he picked up from his parents (bless his little heart) and this is the aftermath.

Le Sigh. At least we had Mickey Band Aids on hand. Double bonus points, Dad.

ImageBoth of my husband and I’s birthdays are this week (now you see why we are so suited for each other as our birthdays are only a few days apart) so there have been lovely dinners, thoughtful presents, and even a real night out for us which we spent being quite debaucherous but I am proud to say that I learned my (extremely painful) lesson from the last time and remembered to drink plenty of water! So this time, when Jp rolled in and demanded attention, I was ready for him without the tears of regret and pounding headache in tow.

Speaking of Jp rolling in…his sleep habits are getting worse (and worse). He gets up several times a night and flat out refuses to sleep on his own. I am very understanding of sensory issues so I have a hard time drawing the hard line (as does my sweet husband) when he seems to be craving the deep pressure of being held and, of course, there is the fact that I am just too tired at 4 AM to put on my “parenting battle cloak”.

Yes, I just fully admitted I am too lazy to parent properly. Sue me. 😉

On the upside, (aside from the wild repeating) he has been a pretty awesome kid. He is sweet as a bug and snugly, too, so it is hard to complain all that much. One thing I have learned about being a mom is that you have to take the good with the bad and that his “phases” do not last forever so it is usually best to just roll with it and let it run it’s course as opposed to fighting and stressing every single one that comes up.

That is just us, though, we believe in being laid-back as long as the behavior is not aggressive or harmful to others or himself. The days are just too short, you know? As long as he continues to progress in his speech -and, in turn, his overall behavior- we are happy.

What is your parenting philosophy? Are you an “attacker of the problem” or a “wait and see” kind of parent?


We may be a little unorthodox…but we do have a lot of fun!



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  1. We are a little of both but wait make that I am a little of both while my husband is more just laid back. Reading your mention of sensory issues makes me wonder about Sebastian and his bad sleeping. He seems to do well sleeping close to us but in his crib it’s rough.

    • Jp’s started out with bad sleeping, then it leaked into eating, playing, playground equipment, ect. His are all over the place but I can tell when it’s sensory and when it’s something else. Just knowing that makes it much more easy to deal with. 🙂

  2. We are not following any specific guidelines with our daughter either. I am a sleeper and she is not. When she was a baby we had to hold her tight to help her sleep. Now, my husband works over night so I get to cuddle with our 15 year old all night… Co-sleeping works for us and that way she sleeps…. lying right next to me… really close to me…

  3. According to my friends I am horizontal when it comes to parenting, I just think they are overly hyper about everything. I read your posts all the time and I think you are a super mum. Maybe you miss what I see but possibly because your little boy has had such communication and sensory issues, you have become such an intuitive mother. It is evident in every post. And to my mind that is the very best kind of mum. Lucky JP

  4. I want to come and live at your house! I usually am an attacker of the problem, but I really want to be a wait and seer. The phases are totally normal and you are right they do not last forever. One day you might notice that the behavior has subsided and go, “Wow, this is nice!” I have three kids and the last two are 17 months apart, yeah that’s close! They are wild and crazy, but soooo much fun too. I have to step back and take a deep breath and not let my total control freak wreck their youthful jubilance. Sometimes that’s very difficult. But yesterday I took them both to an appointment that I was dreading, because I had to go by myself with them, but they did so awesome! They played in the area that is designated for them to play in and I didn’t have to chase anyone down the hallway. It was a fantastic day. And to think I spent my morning dreading how it would go. The phases come and go, but the kids are there and you seem like a very awesome parent – even if you don’t want to get up at 4am – I hear you there. My last two end up in our bed more often than not! Such is life. Have a great day!

    • Thank you! It’s good to know that I am not alone in dreading taking your kids places. 🙂 It seems like the more I dread, the better he does and the times I think it’s going to be a cakewalk…not so much. Lol.

      Thank you for saying that I seem like a good parent!!!! I try my hardest to love throughout all of it, the good and the bad, and it feels so nice to hear appreciation from others! You are too kind!

  5. Actually my wife and myself are quite rigorous regarding the sleep-in-your-own-bed rule. Sometimes when he really seems troubled and comes downstairs the fourth night in a row we make an exception, but only once. The next night he has to sleep on his own again.

    We beat the monsters, he has feared in such a “phase” with a sign on his door. It displays a crossed out ghost and means no monsters allowed in here. We told him, that monsters do what they read on signs, like everybody does. That actually worked. He sometimes convinces himself, that the sign is still on his door … you can see his relieve, when he discovers it’s still there.

    Right now he has nightmares. I “suck” them out, through his forehead. He believes it and is saying: “Haha, now you will get those dreams.” The strategy to tell him dreams are good and you can influence them didn’t work that well. I tried that before.

    Kids are wonderful. Aren’t they.

    • He used to sleep in his bed with no problems, this one is pretty new. I was always one to make that a priority. But since he can’t tell me why or what the issue is and I can’t help him verbally sometimes I just have to roll with it.

      He seems like he might be afraid of the dark or need to be held…but he just can’t tell me so I don’t know how to fix it. 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! You sound like an awesome dad!

  6. I’m an attacker. Usually I like this about myself but it’s a real bitch when it’s something that you’re powerless over or an issue in which you MUST wait and see. We’re having issues with Stella and school and it’s frustrating/depressing/irritating. But I just have to wait and see…

  7. I’m an attacker too. But, I bet you could have guessed that. 🙂 Although, with three kids, sometimes it seems there are too many issues going on at once that some things have to wait. And, that’s a good thing.

    • That is certainly a luxury that being a parent of one child holds. Sometimes I really wish we could have another but with Jp’s issues most days I am just glad I can focus on him. 😉 You’re a saint lol.

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