Is down-woding, Mamma, down-woding…

ImageJp is pioneering his own dialect with his tiny sing-songy voice. I can’t help but be thoroughly tickled when he speaks! Here are some awesome highlights:

“Is down-woding” (It is downloading)

“Oh no! Is bwoken!” (Oh no! It’s broken!)

“eee cuk” (Firetruck)

“Yaya woom” (Grandma’s room)

“Bapies” (Jp)

“Cwap” (Clap but it sounds just like Crap!)

“Bunny in Saw da Seep” (Buddy and Shaun the Sheep)

“Too okay?” (Are you okay?)

“Me weddy” (I’m ready)

“Choos in tocks” (Shoes and socks)

Oh my goodness, this kid cracks me up!

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  1. Haha love it! My little brother used to point to the fridge and plead, “Oragut! Oragut!” We’d just smile and nod, “Yes dear, of course.” It was over a year before we realized the poor kid never got his yogurt ๐Ÿ˜›

    • The phrases are so cute! During the NBA playoffs we taught him “Go Spurs!” and now that it’s over he uses it for every time that he accomplishes something in a video game. Hilarious!

  2. This is adorable. I kind of like that we are normally the only ones who understand our kids.

    Although this past week Aiden kept saying, ” I juan jus yittle yeg pwease!” It took James and I a good 15 min. to figure out that he was saying, ” I want Justice League Please!”

    • Lol If you don’t know Jp you can’t understand him. So he’ll fall back to his core.

      I want it.

      What, buddy.

      That one.

      What’s that?

      Come on!

      Some of his first phrases and still the most useful!

  3. I hope I still have the list we used to bring to Emily’s speech pathologist. She kept saying Emily had no words and I had over 50 words on my list… They were just like your list above… pronounced slightly differently but still words!!! It is truly amazing that if we slow down and pay attention we will notice that our kids are communicating!

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