A fish can love a bird…but where will they live?

I, as I have mentioned, am very (very) left-brained. I am all logic, reason, and analyzations. My husband, on the other hand, is all right-brained. He is extraordinarily creative and free thinking. This usually brings about plenty of balance in our marriage and our parenting and is something that I barely notice at times.

Here is a conversation where it became utterly apparent the wildly different manners in the way that we think:

Me: The Xbox says you have to input a password, babe.

Chris: I don’t remember it.

Me: How do you not remember your password?

Chris: Um, because it hasn’t asked me for it in five years, that’s why. And I don’t have that email anymore, either.

Me: Well, there must be another way. *tap tap tap* Oh, here we go! Security question. Babe, what was your first car?

Chris: *blank stare*

Me: Chris, what was your first car?

Chris: I hear you, I just don’t remember which one I put.

Me: *exasperated because I just want to play Gears of War* Which one you put? What does that mean? You can only have ONE first car. That’s what first car means! These questions are meant to have one answer.

Chris: Well, I had a Corolla but I wouldn’t have put that because I only had it for a few weeks. Try Amigo or Shadow. I had the Amigo first but the Shadow was my favorite. You know, because when you think “first car” you think the one you were excited about.

Me: That’s three different cars! How do you not know your first car?! Why did you take such a weird road to answer such a simple question? First just means first! Number one! The car that you owned before any other car.

Chris: I don’t know! Just try Amigo!

Me: *tap tap tap* Nope. And now we are locked out for typing an incorrect answer until tomorrow!

Chris: *unfazed* Want to go watch a movie?

Me: *grumble grumble* first car *grumble grumble* Sure.

Those creative types…I will never understand them! 😉




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