Please don’t mind my child…he just loves you even though you just met him.

ImageJp is a lover. He just has this tendency to meet a person and instantaneously fall in love with them immediately and cannot fathom leaving their side even for the briefest of moments. There are times that this can put me into strangely awkward situations in public but all you can really do is smile and go with it.

Today we had people out to work on our cable. He immediately fell in love with one of the techs and followed her around mercilessly for the entire duration of her visit.

Hey, what can you do, right? At least he’s cute.

As I held him after she left, heaving huge gasping sobs, I just felt so bad that with his particular brand of separation anxieties, he will know many a broken heart before his time. Every single time that someone leaves, you can hear his little heart rip in two. He just is such a tender soul.

But, I think, all the best people are.

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