Freedom was not given, it was earned…

ImageI often may have a tremendous amount to say (though not here) about how our country could be bettered, how things could be different, and about corruptions that I believe to be a part of our current society.

But the truth is, I appreciate my freedoms to believe and openly speak out about these things without fear of repercussion for myself or my family.

I appreciate the people that have stood and fought for that freedom.

I appreciate the families that have sacrificed their sons and daughters for this country.

I appreciate the wives that lose time with their husbands.

I appreciate the mothers that lose their sons.

I appreciate the women and men that miss seeing their children grow.

I appreciate the 18-year-old children that grow up far too quickly.

I appreciate the courage that it takes to do all of these things and so much more.

Simply so that I can be someone that reaps the benefits of these freedoms without ever knowing the horrors once faced to achieve them. Thank you, to all of the men and women of our country that make this possible, I salute you.

Happy Fourth of July, y’all!


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  1. Nevermind…I found it…I’m a bit of a moron sometimes. I totally blame it on sleep deprivation. Just check out my last blog if you don’t believe it…lol

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