Marriage: If nothing else, it keeps you honest…

ImageJust your average, normal Tuesday night in the Perea household (and I cannot even recall what started the whole debacle, truth be told):

Chris: I have to tune you out because you nag so much.

Me: Nag? Me? What do I ever nag you about? I literally never nag you about anything.

Chris: Let me redefine “nag”…

Me: You can’t go around redefining words, now. That is just crazy talk. Webster did it first and he did it best, bro.

Chris: Well, you do yap a lot about things that I don’t care about.

Me: Well…duh! But that is NOT nagging! I will certainly own yapping but NOT nagging.

I mean, he probably could care less about 99% of the things that come out of my mouth but I am not just going to stop talking, now am I? It could be worse…I could yap and nag, right? *winks*



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  1. OH, I have this conversation every day! My husband gives me intimate blow by blow details of his (boring) day and because I am a nurse I cant really talk much about mine. So here he is rattling on when I had to deal with a child’s death or a horrible disaster. I just want to crawl into my turtle shell and HIDE. I can so relate…..

  2. I can totally relate…..just last night I had asked my husband to wake me up when he wakes up because I needed to go into work earlier, yeah I could have set my alarm…..but knowing me I would talk myself out of it……………so I just told him he needed to do whatever it took….to him he heard “blah blah blah blah”….he then said “can you just say,i need you to wake me up early you didn’t need to throw in all the extra stuff”…………. “extra stuff?” really?? If I wanted to I could have started to ruffle his feathers but I am learning choose my battles carefully. It hurt my feelings a little because it was the “extra stuff” that makes me…ME……but believe me if he starts in on his motorcycle or work stuff and adds all his extras i will say something!!!

  3. hahahah! That is so freaking hilarious. I know my husband tunes out at least half, if not more of what I have to say. Thank GOODNESS we have the blog, right? Otherwise, they’d have to listen to all that too. Instead, they can just pretend to read it.

  4. I’m an introvert and really don’t like speaking. My husband is ADHD and doesn’t like listening. I accuse him of not paying attention. He accuses me of not telling him what’s on my mind. When I do, I’m accused of being too wordy and need to “cut to the chase.”
    I don’t know that I’ll ever get remarried if this (heavens forbid) goes pear-shaped.

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