The look on your face right now? Priceless…

funny-pictures-cat-thinks-he-is-better-than-youThere is literally nothing -and I do mean nothing– more gratifying than watching someone’s face and demeanor change when they are trying to wrangle your wild child in public.

Now…me? I am an old hand at it.

Any day at the grocery store I barely bat an eyelash as I take him in and out of the cart on demand, keep him off of the carefully placed displays, and have little side talks with him about various idiosyncrasies (some that go well and others not so much) all the while nailing down some dinner shopping typically without a list since he has snatched the paper and it is somewhere along the highway. But watching someone else get flustered by the typically commonplace chaos is downright hilarious. I mean, a real knee slapper.

Especially if that someone has told you on more than one occasion that “maybe you should take him out to socialize more”.

Jp is a great boy, truly, and I take him to as many places as I think he can handle or we can handle as a team. I genuinely love this little bean more than life itself but the kid is a stone cold handful. We often joke that we should have named him Maverick ’cause he is a wild card. Out in public? As Forest Gump would say, “you just never know what your gonna get”. So it is an easy thing to simply say what I should do and what could help but that is an entirely different animal than seeing what an average afternoon out with Jp actually looks like.

So I hung back and just soaked it in while silently giggling to myself like a mad person. Something tells me that I will not be getting that suggestion again from this person.

*Evil laugh ensues*



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  1. I used to be terrified to take my “typical behaved” kids out. I cant imagine the patience it takes to herd Jp along the right path. You are my hero!

  2. My dad and stepmother live far away, and tried to seriously guilt us into flying up there. They even offered to pay for it, negating that argument. I just knew that putting Stella on a plane was a sure-fire way to end up being one of those families you see on the news after the TSA has thrown them off the plane. I was poo-poo’d. Until….
    They finally came to visit in April. It was the first time they saw her in a year and a half. They survived 2 public meltdowns. They now have a “better understanding” of my reluctance to travel 8 states away with my firecracker of a daughter.
    It IS pretty damn funny sometimes.

    • Priceless! I cannot even fathom taking Jp on a plane. My brain just goes to fuzz. We have a car trip that is multiple hours coming up and I am dreading it like the plague! ๐Ÿ™‚

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