No, that is not a mirage. I am holding a pillow and sitting in a parking lot.

ImageEveryone knows that I love my trademarked pageant wave. It just works on so many levels. Especially when you are doing something that you know is weird or off in some way. It just makes a ridiculous situation that much more entertaining. And, in parenting, if you cannot laugh at yourself you will certainly never make it out alive.

Here is a great example of a time that the pageant wave came in handy:

Yesterday I was walking up to our local grocery with my son. Jp had decided he wanted to bring his pillow in (duh, of course!) but was not able to carry it since it is about the size of his entire little body. Oh, why was the pillow in the car, you ask? You must not have a three-year-old. Random and impetuous creatures, those tiny people are.

So, picture me: tiny shorts and tank top because it is a sweltering 102 degrees outside, holding a giant body pillow adorned with Lightening McQueen, all while attempting to wrangle a toddler into the store because he has decided (in all of his wisdom and logic) that he, instead, wants to car watch and must sit down on the curb to gawk and wave each and every time that he sees a new one (yes, in a PARKING LOT). Image

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? So I sat my booty on the curb with the pillow on my lap and pageant waved to all of the cars while the owners stared quizzically and waved back.

Sometimes parenting can be so surreal.

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    • I think the key to being a good mom to Jp is literally having NO shame. 🙂 He’s a silly little thing and I rarely can be found getting embarrassed by the sometimes odd situations I find myself in!

      Thank you, Meridith, this comment made my day!!!

    • If I can bestow one thing upon him it’s that we’re all weird. Embrace that. The only miserable people in this world are the ones that are a slave to what others think. 🙂

  1. I lost my twenty-five year old son June 7, 2013. I wish I could be holding HIM and sitting in a parking lot. Bask in all Jp’s glory….unusual or unprecedented.

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